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Archive for August 2019

Northern Region Midweek ride report, 20 Aug 2019

I placed my hand deep into my bag of tricks, thus producing a fairly good day for this time during winter. With hail falling yesterday and rain due tomorrow I was glad to see the forecast of cool, showers falling in the southern suburbs with fair winds. I would except that on any ride day…

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President’s Annual Report

Reflecting on the past year I hope Club members enjoyed the Club’s last 12 months as much as I did. There was a total of 54 mid-week & Sunday Club rides held over the past year (approx. equal numbers of Melbourne & Geelong rides) that were attended by 590 members. Apart from the Club rides…

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Southern Region Midweek ride report, 6 Aug 2019

A Visit to Brumby’s Baby The idea for this ride was to incorporate a tour of the Victorian Desalination Plant in Wonthaggi with some riding to & from the tour, in the beautiful rolling hills of West Gippsland. Mr BOM didn’t promise us a very favourable day weather wise, but a study of the Wave…

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