A Lot of Rallies


During the recent CMCC Inverloch rally, one conversation was about multiple attendees at the many Club rallies over the last 10, 20 or more years.

Member Keith Emmett has since recalled, from memory depths, his and Belle's participation in our major rallies as -

RALLY                                   No. of Times Attended

Ballarat                                              20
Beechworth/Myrtleford                   3
Bendigo                                               7
Brass Monkey                                     3
Club Anniversary                               4
Colac                                                   21
Mansfield                                            3
Inverloch                                           l 7
Maffra                                                  8
Otways                                               17
Warrnambool                                   27
Plus another one-off here and there!

So unless and until someone out there can top their 130 total, Keith and Belle are number one in our Club Rally Attendance Competition (CRAC).. ..............Congratulations.

Jack Youdan