Brunch Run to Healesville

Sixteen riders met at the ‘apple peel’ servo in Templestowe for the 10: 00 am start.

What a cracker of a morning it was, lovely and sunny and a forecast of 30 c.

This year’s run was a combined effort between Richard Haughton (back up) and Ross Patrick (leader).

This was our 2nd Healesville ‘brunch’ run and a follow up to Richards successful inaugural run  last year with a slight variation to the route.

We left on time and rode out east to Warrandyte then north up to Kangaroo Ground, down to Wattle Glen, through Hurstbridge, up to Panton Hill then cutting back down Alma Road to the Eltham/Yarra Glen Road. At Yarra Glen we then headed up the Melba Hwy to Toolangi then down Myers Creek Road to Healesville arriving right on 12 noon.

The brunch at the popular Beechworth Bakery was a very pleasant affair with people, sports bikes, scooters and cars everywhere. As is usual on our Sunday runs, our parked classics generated a fair amount of interest from other motorcyclists.

After our refreshments we skirted around the back of town passing the Healesville racecourse where a busy market was in progress. We then headed back to Yarra Glen diverting onto the more bike friendly Old Healesville Road.

Some riders may have peeled off by this stage with others heading for home from Kangaroo Ground and for me at Wattle Glen.

This was a most pleasant run on a very well thought out route of great country roads of around 175 klms and all without a single traffic light.

I couldn’t make last year’s run but very pleased I made it this time. Richard, I think you’ve started something here.

Post note: I was home at 2: 15pm and as my wife was out doing other things, I decided to take out the Transalp and rode to the Motorclassica at the Royal Exhibition Buildings.

Got there at 3:00pm. Enough time to take everything in on their last day. You can do that with this kind of Sunday run.

Thank you and well done Richard and Ross.

Reg Hammond