Club Permit same number replacement plates


As a result of many requests from club permit holders and officials, VicRoads is making same number slimline club permit number plates available from 2 August 2021.

Club permit slimline plates are available as same number replacement number plates (a slimline version of the existing current permit number) for CH and H club permit plates. An additional fee will apply. (Slimline replacement plates are not yet available for M and SR number plates, but this option will become available shortly). Slimline plates are not available for motorcycles.

In addition to slimline plates, VicRoads is also making standard sized same number replacement club permit number plates available to replace lost or damaged plates for all club permit types.

The same number replacement (slimline or standard size) club permit plates can be ordered as a:

  • Single plate (standard size, or slimline for eligible vehicles).
  • Pair of plates. (standard size, or slimline for eligible vehicles).
  • Combination (standard + slimline for eligible vehicles).

Same number replacement (inc. same number replacement slimline) club permit number plates can ONLY be ordered through the permit holder’s myVicRoads account. [Customers without a myVicRoads account can obtain one through VicRoads’ website].

Replacement club permit number plates of any sort CANNOT be ordered at Customer Service Centres.

Upon issue of a new club permit, slimline club permit plates can be requested to be issued for eligible vehicle types (an additional fee applies) at a Customer Service Centre.

Number plate which have been stolen cannot be ordered though myVicRoads. Stolen plates must be reported to the Victoria Police, and new number plates with the next available number can be obtained by attending a VicRoads Customer Service Centre and providing a Statutory Declaration or copy of Police Report.

Bike racks and Exempt trailer plates cannot be ordered online.

Fees for same number replacement club permit plates and same number slimline replacement club permit plates

Plate Type Single Pair
Standard Size (Replacement) 1 1
Slimline (Replacement) 1 1
Mixed (standard + slimline) . 1

Fees for first issue club permit plates

Plate Type Single Pair
Standard Size (New issue) $19.20 (Veteran/Vintage/Motorcycle and trailer) (Classic & Historic motor vehicles Street Rods and Modified vehicles)
Slimline (New issue) Not applicable (Classic & Historic motor vehicles only)

How to order replacement plates online:

Click on the ‘More Actions’ button (the three dots) against the club permit for which a replacement or slimline plate is to be ordered

Select the option, ‘Order Replacement Plates’

  • Select
  • the reason for requesting the replacement plate;
  • the number of plates required; and
  • plate type (standard /slimline).
  • Confirm the address
  • Pay appropriate fee by entering your payments details or selecting to auto-fill stored payment details from the MyVicRoads Account

A payment confirmation screen with an order number will appear when the payment is processed

  • New plates will be mailed to the postal address recorded in the myVicRoads account.
  • An email with a tracking number will be sent when the ordered plates are dispatched (It may take up to 10 working days for the plates to be received).

Club Permit Renewal online

VicRoads made an online form for Club Permit renewals available during 2020 to enable permit holders to renew through their myVicRoads account.  It would be appreciated if this easier renewal option, which provides certainty of payment, could be promoted to your members.

For more information on Online Renewals, please visit VicRoads web page