Club Run to Phillip Island 2017

We are at the BP Officer S/S start with nine bikes plus two pillions, and reflecting on how Ian Snadden is Club President for just four days and is today’s ride leader.

With a howling wind behind us (think excellent fuel consumption) on the highway to Lang Lang, it’s onto Nyora. Wind not helpful now as we turn west through Kernot and it’s a rotten cross wind. Kernot, that’s the general store cum restaurant that regularly gets 100 plus for Sunday lunch where half that number is comfortable.(Club experience)

With Allan Prentice joining in at Lang Lang, we now have ten bikes arriving at Grantville morning tea. Then a Bass Highway sign says Phillip island but we are detouring through Glen Forbes and Woolami back onto the Bass Hwy…boredom averted!

Why are we slowed right down on this back road? Look, we are passing a parked CFA truck and obeying the new 40KPH rule-didn’t think that it applied when crews were stopped only for morning tea!

0n To Phillip Island.

The highlight of the day…….to ride the old (1928-35) Grand Prix Circuit, which according to Ian’s hand out history lesson, it’s an oblong of four 90″ right hand comers on narrow (now) sealed roads with each corner touristy-signed.

Here, we start at gentle Anne corner then Hell corner. I don’t know why as it has a perfectly good round about which we are breezing through. Heaven corner next, that cluster of houses must be owned by people wanting to be nearer to the place in the sky. Just been through the last corner, Young and Jacksons-yes really, and we are here at the (current) Phillip Island GP Circuit visitor centre for lunch and museum tour.

Riding Back:

Following consensus on avoiding highway riding, we take the Archies Creek-Loch road and it’s real winter Gippsland riding conditions; strong side wind driving freezing rain; the first for the day so can’t complain. The rest is via Poowong , Nyora, Cardinia and back to Officer finish.

On Reflection. Excellent ride: medium distance, points of interest, well led (Ian) and rear rider (Tom), good corner marshalling, and good company among the twelve participants. Jack Youdan.


Participants To Phillip Island:

Graham Boulter. Honda CB750

Jol Dunn BMW R90/6

Allan Prentice Kawasaki Z 750

Ian Snadden BMW Rl 1OOGS

Brian Boulton Kawasaki 1200

Ray Isles BMW F65OCS

Jack Youdan Suzuki DL650

Paul Clayton Honda VFR 800

Tom Thursfield Can Am Three

Deborah Lynney– Pillion

David Mc Lennan 2016 Triumph 1200 Thruxton

Marianne Black ….Pillion.