CMCCV BBQ and Ride day at Sugarloaf Reservoir

“Sugarloaf Classic Eye Candy”

We headed up the Eastlink Freeway where the Dandenong section has just been “Re-Surfaced”, although it’s not that obvious, because it’s almost as rough and bumpy as it was?  Bypass Lilydale, through Yarra Glen and take the Eltham Road to find the Simpson Road entry into the large Sugarloaf Reservoir Reserve.  Well done to the Mystery Marshal who put a CMCCV arrowed sign directing us into the picnic area for our Classics Day Out.

Graham Boulter, Richard Haughton and Phil Young grab a cuppa before the ride.

This was a great display of bikes from our core Classic period of the 50’s, 60’s and 70’s, coming from the British factories before they fell in a hole.  Plus, a couple of Classic Japanese bikes – Peter Andrews’ Yamaha RZ350 and Laurie John’s Suzuki RG500 which are icons of the 1980’s 2-stroke “Power Band” era before “emissions” became the “Politically Correct” objective.

As well as a BBQ lunch, a short ride around the Christmas Hills area was organised by Captain John Killingsworth.  At left is the riders briefing – “what was the part after Listen Carefully?”.  There are a lot of backroads up this way and as Jimmy our President put it, “We seem to have a Sugarloaf Curse of Corner Marshal Difficulties”.  Gladly, the group returned (eventually) for lunch – Welcome to the Classic Club Adventure Co. Inc.

We don’t have a true classic period bike and we are always amazed at the pristine condition that members keep their bikes in, running well and looking like they have just been wheeled off a stand at a period Earls Court Show.

You should all be proud, as it is clearly noticeable, the effort, work and dedication you enthusiasts have to preserve and enjoy motorcycling history in action on the road.  20 of the 29 bikes in attendance were pre-1975!  Plus 6 bikes from the 1980’s.  The “Oldest Bike” award goes to Keith McKracken’s 1949 BSA A7.  There was Black enamel and gold pinstripes everywhere.

Wally Walsh rode his Z900 and probably didn’t get out of 2nd gear, with Keith McKracken hot on his heels on the 1949 BSA A7?


Captain John Killingsworth led the group into the hills on his 1960 Velocette Venom. How many would return?


Steve Inman rode his pristine 1972 CB750. He should call her “Goldilocks” as it is “Just Right”.


Peter Hansen and Phil Pilgrim “Talking Triumph”. Peter’s recently rebuilt T140 “running sweet”.


Ross Dickson, Ian Bryant, Craig McDonald and Mark Hine enjoying the day.


John Mannu rode his ever-faithful G80, the “Rain, Hail and Shine” bike and rider.


Rob King gave his Iconic ES2 Plunger a run.
Norton’s mainstay model for 35 years.


Colin Borthwick on his faster “Red” 750 Commando with Ross Dickson and his 650SS.
7 years of evolution? Isolastic vs Featherbed?


John Addy on his 1958 500cc Royal Enfield Bullet. An early Indian model benchmark for the “Millions” of Indian Bullets made since.

A very big thank you to Ashley Scott for organising the day and our lunch, and also to assistant Mike Pougher, who both put up with travelling in cars to cart all the gear up there early to get our usual pavilion and have a cuppa ready for pre-ride refreshment, and a good “Snag” lunch.  It’s a perfect location and layout for a club day – relaxed get together, all the bikes parked together, everyone catching up on each-others projects and bike work, admiring people’s handiwork and getting the old iron out for a blast – smiles all round.

A couple of Ajays. Warren Bandy on his 1951 AJS Model 18S and Ian Bryant on his ’62 350.


Phil Pilgrim on his big beautiful Vincent Twin. A Meticulously maintained Series C Rapide.


Our Commander on his Commando. Jimmy on the 1973 850 that he has fixed to perfection.


Criag McDonald on his 1968 BSA Spitfire. Whether a bike or an aeroplane, that name means this machine is a serious “goer”.

We stayed to enjoy watching and hearing rider’s get their steeds going for the trip home (some a little trickier than others) and we were near last to leave and head southeast.  The Eltham-Yarra Glen Road is a nice bendy trip and there were a lot of classic cars on the road, especially some very tricked-up VW Beetle “Bugs” and “Combis” in groups.  Farewell and thank you for a most enjoyable day.

Ride Safe, David and Mez.

Rider’s Participants List.  Sugarloaf BBQ Day 19-11-2023.

Rider Bike Year
Keith McKracken BSA A7 1949
John Mannu Matchless G80 1950
Mark Hine Vincent Rapide 1950
Warren Bandy AJS 18S 1951
Paul Clayton Matchless G80S 1952
Rob King Norton ES2 1950s
Phil Pilgrim Vincent Rapide 1950s
Vince Rogers Norvin 1956
John Addy Royal Enfield Bullet 500 1958
John Killingsworth Velocette Venom 500 1960
Ian Bryant AJS 350S 1962
Ross Dickson Norton 650SS 1965
Craig McDonald BSA Spitfire 1968
John & Vicki Best Triumph T120R Bonneville 1969
Paul Beukelman Triumph T120R Bonneville 1970
Steve Inman Honda CB750 1972
Colin Borthwick Norton Commando 750 1972
Jimmy Linton Norton Commando 850 1973
Peter Hansen Triumph T140 1974
Wally Walsh Kawasaki Z900 1974
Phil Young Suzuki GS1000G 1980
Arthur Hampson Honda Bol d’or 1981
Graham Boulter Honda CB900 1981
Peter Andrews Yamaha RZ350 1984
Laurie John Suzuki RG500 1985
Brian Mapleback BMW R65 1986
Richard Haughton Kawasaki W800 2012
David & Mez McLennan Triumph Thruxton S 2016
Gary McKechnie Royal Enfield Interceptor 2019