CMCCV Christmas Break up – Broadford, 10 December 2023

CMCCV Christmas Break up – Broadford 10 December 2023

The final Club event for 2023 was the Christmas break up at Gavan Hall in Broadford. Leading up to the day the weather forecast had been a bit unpredictable, and it was going to be a flip of the coin as to whether it would rain or not on the day. To be on the safe side, I packed the wet weather gear ready for the 60k ride up the Hume to Broadford, hoping that I would not need to use them.

The good news was I remained dry and on arriving at Gavan Hall, David (Tennant) was already there to help with the set up. Bad news was I had a text message from John (Mannu) advising that after a 20-minute right leg work out his Matchless (‘Useless’) would not fire and he may not be there to lead the ride.

David and I were quickly joined by Steve (Inman), Mike (Pougher) and fortunately John (Mannu) who had persuaded the reluctant Matchless to start. With the hall set up and the food brought across from the local IGA, we had enough time to have a coffee before the arrival of folks looking for a feed.

From about 10am onwards there was a constant arrival of members, including Rex & Pam (Jones) who had made the drive down from Bendigo in their Ford Mustang (one of three they own) and Bill (Garner) who had come all the way from Corowa in his 1972 VW Bug. Right on 10:30 John (Killingsworth) arrived with the main group of riders he had led up from Greensborough.

After morning tea John (Mannu) led us on a ride out of Broadford along Sugarloaf Creek Road, all the way to the intersection of the Seymour-Pyalong Road. From here we rode to Pyalong then left onto the Northern Hwy for about 10ks before turning off at Whitegate Road and making our way back to Broadford. All up we covered 65ks of open country roads with minimal traffic encountered. After a reluctant start to the day John’s Matchless had certainly redeemed itself with the big old single setting a not so old bike pace. John’s briefing was also on song, as corner marking went off without a hitch and Phil (Young) as TEC having little to do but keep up.

With the riding part of the day done it was onto lunch, which was a variety of cold meats and salads followed by ice-cream with fruit salad for desserts. The rest of the day was an opportunity to sit around and have a chat with friends before wishing each other a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year before making our separate ways home.

All up it was an enjoyable day with just under 50 members turning up on bikes and in cars. The rain stayed away, and we even managed a few glimpses of sunshine. A big personal thanks to David (Tennant), Steve (Inman) and Mike (Pougher) for turning up early to help with the setup, serving of food and the never-ending washing of dishes. And to John (Mannu) and John (Killingsworth) for leading the rides and Phil (Young) for TEC duties.


Jimmy Linton