Club Permit Scheme

Procedures for Application for a New Club Permit

  • Obtain the Club Permit Application Form and Vehicle Eligibility and Standards Declaration for Club Permit Vehicles Form from a VicRoads Office OR go to VicRoads website to download the above forms and further information.
  • Complete the relevant details and select 45 or 90 day option.
  • Take six clear dated photographs of the vehicle

One - left side view
One - right side view
One - front view
One - rear view
One - showing Chassis (VIN) number.
One – Showing Engine number

Please note:
If your vehicle doesn’t have an engine number a photo of the chassis number (or VIN if applicable) is required, in this case 5 photos in total and indicate on the VicRoads application form - n/a to engine number.

  • Submit your vehicle for a Road Worthy Certificate by a Licenced VicRoads authorised Vehicle Tester
  • Scan all your documents (both VicRoads forms and Road Worthy Certificate) and email with your photographs to Club Permit Officer

Club Permit Officer will confirm that your details are correct and you are a current financial member and if so, endorse your forms and scan and email back to you, for you to print off.


Or alternatively mail the above documents with a self-addressed & stamped envelope to: -

Club Permit Officer
Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria
PO Box 1032
Mitcham North
Vic   3132

Please be aware that Road Worthy Certificates are valid for 30 days only, therefore it is your responsibility to ensure that you allow sufficient time for mail delays.

  • Once the above steps are completed you need to lodge your forms, RWC and photographs at a VicRoads Office (before your RWC expires)

VicRoads will issue you with a registration plate, label & logbook.

  • Once you have been issued your plate and label, please advise the Club Permit Officer of the plate number and expiry date

Please note: -

The CMCCV at the discretion of the Clubs CPS Officer reserve the right not to accept certain modified machines, contact the CPS Officer before proceeding with roadworthy or application to check eligibility.