Club Permit Scheme
Procedures for Renewal of a Club Permit

It is the Permit Holder’s responsibility to ensure a permit is renewed.
VicRoads will send permit holders an annual renewal form.
To renew your Club Permit you must: -

      • Ensure you are a current financial member of CMCCV
      • Select the 45 or 90 option
      • Have the Club Permit Officer sign your renewal form confirming your membership.
  1. This can be done at Club General Meetings prior to the start of the meeting, see Sprocket for meeting dates.
  2. Or alternatively mail the above documents with a self-addressed & stamped envelope to: -

Club Permit Officer
Classic Motorcycle Club of Victoria
PO Box 1032
Mitcham North
Vic   3132

It is your responsibility to ensure that you allow sufficient time for mail delays

  •  Return your renewal form to VicRoads with your payment.

If you change your mailing address you will need to advise VicRoads for both your fully registered vehicle/s and your Club Permit vehicle/s as these are on separate data-bases.
Failure to advise change of address for the CPS vehicle will result in you not receiving a renewal form at your new mailing address.