Geelong 3rd Sunday ride, 16 FEB

Twelve riders met at the start for this months ride. Dave Gudgeon making the two hour trip from home to join us, well done Dave. With no set plans for the ride, it was deceided a “wiggly ” trip to the Anglesea bakery was the go. With Steve taking lead rider duties and Graeme Wilson taking up the spot he loves (T. E. C.)  we were off. Two kilometres after the start we were into lovely quiet country roads with Aaron bothering everything with four legs on his loud Honda CB 350 !! With Steve taking us on some fantastic roads that he rides on his pushbike we skirted around the edge of the Anglesea heath encountering a cycle race, they certainly get up some pace. Turning onto the busy Great Ocean Rd we rode into the busy town of Anglesea for pies and coffee with banter. After an hour it was time to head for home. Although the ride was over we headed back through Bells Beach and Torquay where we went our separate ways. It  would have been a full red plate ride, but after starting on my T 140 had to limp home with problems and get my other Triumph out to meet the start time. A great day, Andy Symons.


rider bike year
Stan Rogers Triumph Tiger 1972
Aaron Symons Honda CB 350 1972
Steve Hewitt Honda CB 350 1973
Steve Miller Norton 850 1974
Dave Gudgeon Triumph 1976
Rod  Dutton Kawasaki Z 650 1978
Noel Wills Moto Guzzi 1983
Mark Mensch BMW R 100 1983
Graeme Wilson BMW K75C 1985
Ron Study Harley Davidson 1991
Joel  McLoughlin (guest) Suzuki 1991
Andy Symons Triumph 2007