Geelong 3rd Sunday Ride May

Subject: 3rd Sunday of the Month Geelong Run 20.5.2018

With no shed run organised for this month, it was agreed we take a run to Meredith, halfway between Geelong and Ballarat. Nine of us fronted up on a day looking very much like rain. Tempting fate I left home minus the wet weather gear hoping for a dry run and as all the others rolled up it was obvious they had the same hopeful idea as I did.

After the pre – ride briefing we took the usual route out making our way across to Batesford and onto Anakie Road then turning left at Pringles Road that took us to the township of Maude. We bypassed Steiglitz on this occasion instead using the Sheoaks Road which is scenic but a bit bumpy in places, then back on the Maude / Steiglitz Rd. to Meredith. Before I forget , we had only just got out of town when Ron Study our T.E.C. for the day, raced to the front to halt proceedings and inform me that Andy Symons had made a quick retreat to the start point to retrieve the ride sheet left sitting on top of a wheelie bin, not the first time hey Andy.

There is a nice little café in Meredith donning a wood heater to thaw our aging bones as we consumed our morning tea. The café was near full upon our arrival but soon made way for us and shortly afterwards another group of local motorcyclists on classic machines, some of which our members were familiar with.

As we were getting ready to depart, the other group wandered out and we chatted for a few minutes checking out each other’s machinery. We took a short trip down the highway towards Lethbridge, then made a left turn back to the Maude Road which runs parallel to the Ballarat Highway , continuing on before making a right hand turn to Gheringhap , then retracing the route out, home.

The weather fortunately did the right thing and stayed fine, although it was a bit blustery and quite cool, something we will have to get used to for a while yet.

A bike of note, although not being classic eligible, was Martin Stanley`s MV Augusta , I doubt he`ll swap it for my old Triumph.

Andy Symons             Triumph Bonneville   2007
Mark Mensch              BMW R100               1983
Noel Wills                   Moto Guzzi 650         1986
Michael Vidovic         Honda CBX1000       1988
Rod Dutton                 Kawasaki Z650          1979
Martin Stanley            MV Augusta 750       2005
Nick Oakley                BMW K100RS          1988
Ron Study                   Triumph America       2009
Steve Miller                 Norton 850                 1974

Helen Miller