Geelong First Sunday Ride report, 2 Feb

Geelong Chapter Run Report

1st Sunday of the Month 02/02/2020

As usual the Geelong riders set out in total oblivion – not even realizing that today was a once in 909 year event and none of us were going to live through the next one! A “global palindrome.” That’s when the date can be read exactly the same forward or backward. The last one was 1/1/1111 and the next one will be 12/12/2121. Even Noel Wills is not gonna make it that long!

Besides all that, seven riders set off in cool weather for once led by Stan Rogers on a zig zag course firstly through the Barrabool Hills and the Poillocksford Bridge to Inverleigh  at which we did a right turn towards Bannockburn and across the Ballarat highway to Maude Rd. Veering off Maude Rd there is a nice little twisty bit up Parks Rd across the Moorabool river to Sutherlands Creek and Maude.   More twisty bits along Thompsons Rd, Hargreaves Rd and O’Neill’s Lane with some narrow hairpin bends brought us to Anakie.

Andy was keen to check out Baccus Marsh (pretty crowded these days with ever more houses and traffic which got Stan lost when we got there). But there were some straighter fast runs through Staughton Vale and Balliang to get there – which was nice after the previous twisty bits.

Good fellowship, coffee and pies at the bakery finished off a most enjoyable ride after which we informally headed back to Geelong on the Geelong/Baccus Marsh road – at not too fast a clip due to continuous roadworks and speed cameras everywhere!


Stan Rogers

Riders on the 1st  Sunday Geelong Run:

rider bike year
Stan Rogers  (Leader) BMW R80 RT 1985
Noel Wills Moto Guzzi 1986
Joel McLoughlin Suzuki 750 1991
Rod Dutton Kawasaki GPX750 1979
Ron Study Triumph 1200 2009
Mark Mensch BMW R100 1988
Andy Symons (T.E.C) Triumph 2007