Geelong Dec. Ride

1st Sunday of the Month 3.12.2017

On what one would expect to be a day of warm weather for this time of the year, it turned out to be more like winter, cool and wet. As I somewhat reluctantly rolled the bike out of the shed and down to the mustering point it was evident that there no takers, great I`ll sit here for ten minutes and then go home, so I thought.

A few minutes ticked by then Rod Dutton rolled in, followed by Nick Oakley and lastly my neighbour over the back-Martin Stanley, with that a ride was on.

Looking at the weather fronts coming across it made little difference as to which way we went, the wet weather gear was going to be well tested.

With a route and distance agreed upon off we went only to quickly rethink these plans as the heavens opened up and the wind picking up. In the end the ride covered about 75 kilometres taking in about half of the roads used on the T.A.R.T. run earlier in the year before returning to my place for a BBQ and salad morning tea and a dry off.

Apart from the weather we all had a good time, both on the bikes and afterwards munching down some snags and so forth whilst drying off. Nick was the only one to have to travel home, living in Lara, whereas Martin and Rod are in the next street to me, making it an easy day.

With what looked like being a non-event, turned out to be a pretty good day despite the inclement weather. Thanks for putting in the effort fellas and to all throughout the year.

Steve Miller.


Rod Dutton Kawasaki GPX750 1986
Martin Stanley Bimota YB7 1988
Nick Oakley BMW K100RS 1988
Steve Miller Triumph 650 1971