Geelong Ride Report, 20 Aug

Rod Dutton phoned me on Saturday volunteering to organize a ride and letting me now his wife Caz, son in law Ethan and daughter Beth will be joining us on our ride.

Never one to disappoint, Rod obviously gave a lot of thought into the ride, it was most interesting taking in the Barrabool Hills,

To Andersons Road,  through Moriac,  Cape Otway Road, Church Street, l was a little lost at this point  not sure of the road names but we ended up turning onto Gundry’s Road, then left and crossing the Anglesea Road with a quick left turn that took us to Bell Beach surfing car park.

We stopped for10-15 minutes to watch the surf before remounting and riding to the Anglesea General store.

The shop was extremely busy you would think it was the middle of summer; we managed to get a table for the eight of us.

Thank you to Rod for a well planed ride that took in the best of Beef and reef in our local area.

Ron Study.

Ride participants:

Rider Bike Year
Ron Study Harley Davidson 1991 Heratige Softail     TEC
Rod Dutton Kawasaki 1978  Z650                  Lead Rider
Caz Dutton Pillion
Nick Oakley BMW 1998  K100RS
Mark Mensch Triumph 1972  Tiger 650
John Palmer M2 2000   Scorpion
Ethan Crosby BMW 1991   K100               Guest
Beth Crosby Pillion