Geelong Run Report, 15 October

3rd  Sunday of the Month 15/10/2023

The arrangement was to go to visit Graeme Wilson at his place in Altona Meadows as he can no longer ride. We were to meet Brian Wilson half way at Little River to lead us into the big smoke as he knew the way to Graeme’s.

It was very pleasing to see quite a good turnout of 7 riders to go see old Graeme and we set off in reasonable conditions with Nick Oakley to lead us  along a new route to Little River. No way we wanted the Princes Highway. All seemed tip top but some breakdowns were ahead – read further!

Nick did a brilliant job taking us along some roads we had never been before through Lovely Banks. I will detail the route for future edification:

The usual cruise through the Barrabool Hills to Merewarp Rd, Dog Rock and then Batesford. Got a bit more interesting then with a detour off the Ballarat Rd down Old Ballarat Rd and then to Creamery Rd.

We thought we were going to hit the Ring Rd but then Nick led us down Bluestone Bridge Rd which runs parrallel. Zig Zags where it crosses Cowies Creek and then under the most picturesque bluestone railway bridge crossing the road above our heads.

Lovely Banks Rd after that then down the Ring Rd less than 1 km to the  Bacchus Marsh Rd turnoff. Down Bacchus Marsh Rd to Peak School Rd and a left turn along Forest Rd and then past the You Yangs entrance. (This was where President Jimmy very nearly hit a bouncing kangaroo in front of us a few years ago on the way to a  Club visit to Point Cook Aviation Museum. We thought he was gone and was never going to advance from Vice Pres to President)!

Round the north of the You Yangs until we got to Little River where we met up with Brian at the Reserve patiently waiting in the light drizzle.

Breakdown number one – Mark’s BMW had started blasting oil under pressure through the oil pressure switch and oil was everywhere. He decided to check how much oil was left and nip home to pick up his car because he didn’t want to miss Graeme. Fortunately not too far to Lara for him to get home, but still a sterling effort!

Brian now led through Werribee to the Geelong Rd where we hit the traffic and sped up. Breakdown number two- just as we were exiting the motorway at Snydes Rd, Rod’s Kawazaki Z1 which has NEVER EVER broken down decided to lose all electrical power. Fortunately we had place to stop on the off ramp. Brian and a few  riders went on to Graeme’s whilst Nick pulled out his trusty multi meter! Nick and I helped trace the problem to a blown fuse. Not knowing what blew the fuse, we put in a new one and thank goodness it held and we were mobile again?

Everyone including Mark now in his car got to Graeme’s a little late but more or less together- to be greeted by a terrific spread prepared by Graeme’s wife Pat including delicious home made fresh sausage rolls. Graeme was very pleased to see old mates and enjoy the company and good fellowship that followed.

A good outing and thanks to both Graeme and especially Pat for having us around. On the way home we had to go seeking more fuses for Rod “just in case”!

 Stan Rogers

Riders on the 3rd Sunday Geelong Run:

Rider Bike Year
Nick Oakley BMW K100 RS 1988 Leader
Brian Wilson BMW K100RS 1988 Part Leader
Rod Dutton Kawasaki Z650 1978
Mark Mensch BMW R100 1983
John Palmer MZ Skorpion 2000
Ron Study Moto Guzzi Calli 1982
Stan Rogers Triumph Tiger 650 1972 T.E.C
Graeme Wilson Walker 1943