Geelong Run Report, 19 Nov

3rd Sunday of the Month 19/11/23

A fairly short run down the Bellarine Peninsula to Point Lonsdale was agreed on as everybody had to be home early for various reasons and numbers were down. Nick Oakley’s broken ankle has put him out of action for the next 6 weeks and so he doesn’t go cabin crazy, I have lent him my 50cc Vmoto Scooter to get around on. He reckons he can hang his plaster cast out the side and tie his crutches round his neck! Bit slow to join the ride though.

We hadn’t gone far when whilst waiting at some lights, suddenly my Triumph went “bang” and stalled! The nipple had come off the bottom of the clutch cable. We pushed it to a safe spot and, glory be, I had an emergency spare clutch cable in the pannier amongst the many old British spares I carry!

Rod was the star in putting it in and not dropping the old nipple into the engine case. (It was amazingly still hanging in the yoke by a whisker)! 20 minutes later we were on the road again for a sunny ride down 13th Beach, Ocean Grove and to Point Lonsdale. Good fellowship and coffee was enjoyed in the sun.

Stan Rogers

Riders on the 3rd Sunday Geelong Run:

Rider Bike Year
Ron Study Harley Heritage S/Tail 1992 Leader
Rod Dutton Kawasaki Z650 1978
Bill Carta BMW R1100RS 1996
Stan Rogers Triumph Tiger 650 1972 T.E.C