Geelong Third Sunday Ride Report, 21 November

With our paperwork duly carried out with everyone vaccinated, I spontaneously planned a short ride around 13th Beach, over the Barwon Heads Bridge, around the outskirts of Ocean Grove and through Wallington we crossed over the Queenscliff  Highway and continued on the Wallington Road to Grubb Road with a quick left and right turn we were on the well known route of the SLOB ride, taking in St Leonard’s, Indented Heads and on to Portarlington for a morning coffee break.

The service was terrible at the coffee shop but the usual banter between us all made up for that.

Stan Rogers has organized a ride for the 1st Sunday in December (This will be a longer ride) and the 3rd Sunday will be a short ride followed by a morning tea end of year break up most likely at Stans home in Torquay.

A very pleasant morning, thank you to everyone.

Ron Study


Rider Bike Year
Stan Rogers Triumph 1972 TR6R 650
Mark Mensh Triumph 1972 TR6R 650
Rod Dutton Kawasaki 1978 Z650
Noel Wills Moto Guzzi 1983 LeMans
Mal Loone Yamaha 1985 SRX6
Graeme Wilson BMW 1985 K750
John Palmer BMW 1986 R80
Nick Oakley BMW 1989 K100RS
Ron Study Triumph 2007 (Lead rider)