Geelong Third Sunday Shed Run, 17th July

Geelong Third Sunday Shed Run – 17th July 2022
I have just come back from Queensland and the weather was very ordinary with rain on the radar, but three of us turned up for some silly reason. We decided a small short ride would suffice and decided on Winchelsea.
After heading out through Ceres the sky looked terrible ahead so we headed south and followed the blue sky. At a quick stop at the Moriac general store we changed our destination to Anglesea.
A great ride was had stopping and watching the seals/surfers at Bells beach and onto the industrial estate where there is a great coffee shop. We had managed to miss most of the rain until we headed home.
Rod Dutton and I shared the lead ride and Mark was at the tail end.
Ron Study

Rider Bike Year
Rod Dutton Kawasaki  Z650 Lead rider 1978
Ron Study Moto Guzzi  California II leader rider 1982
Mark Mensch BMW  R100 TEC 1983