GOR ride report – Sunday 19th August 2018

The rain looked like it was setting in for this Sunday, surprisingly as I left home there was a relatively dry patch for about 5km. Meeting Ian on route to Pt Cook we knew we would be in for a drenching on the freeway. Upon reaching the starting location I was surprised how dry we still were.

We were not too surprised when no-one else turned up for the ride, we were, however, committed to riding to Anglesea as there may be some Geelong boys meeting us there as detailed in Sprocket. The trip down the Geelong road was made less boring by the need to constantly keep an eye out for SUV’ s and 4WD’s which were determined to move as much water off the road surface as possible. Unfortunately, our luck ran out and we were hit by heavy rain not too far out of Anglesea.

Reaching the Corner Café coat dripping wet only to find the café closed. Fortunately, there is another café right next door which was doing a booming business. We finally got a seat where I hung my jacket which washed their floor for free. After a short coffee break with no Geelong riders to be found we decided to head to Lorne for lunch. On route we were welcomed by sunny patches followed by light showers to ensure we did not overheat.

At Lorne we basked in the sunshine and took in the scenery, as proved by the shadows in the picture, now that the sun seemed to be winning the battle it was decided to head back via the Deans Marsh-Lorne Rd to Winchelsea then a final stop at Lovely Banks for refuelling.

All in all the ride was generally enjoyable with no incidents, we will run the extended route through to Apollo Bay early next year where we may find more favourable weather.

Sam Panettieri


Sam Panettieri, Suzuki GSX-S1000F, 2017 (Lead rider)

Ian Snadden, BMW R1100GS 1995. (TEC)