Inverloch Rally Report

The Inverloch Rally: Saturday Ride Report

Well, let’s have a look at all the POSITIVE ASPECTS before the Banter….

  • The Committee did a great job putting together this rally. Some of us do not fully appreciate the amount of time and effort that goes into organising such events. However, most of us do appreciate it, so many thanks.
  • Now for Allan and Michelle Prentice (a most experienced team, even on a bike) who put this event together. It was just fantastic, and you two have definitely set the benchmark in recent times. The morning tea/lunch at Meeniyan on the Saturday was enjoyed by all…… it held us all over well and truly till dinner. Let’s incorporate this into future events if we can!!
  • There were a number of new members attending this event, Ken and Danni, Markus, Nicholas, David and others who commented to me how they thoroughly enjoyed the comradeship, friendliness of the members and the occasional banter. Thanks for coming guys and we look forward to seeing you on other rides.
  • The RIDE, well what an area: picturesque, rolling hills, plenty of bends and turns, little traffic if any: most enjoyable. Allan, once again you did a great job. Michelle were you a pillion when Allan went out to check out the ride?? He does need direction in his life?? Thank you Michelle.
  • The day’s ride was about 205kms and no rain.
  • Everyone got back safely always a good sign and had a glass of ???? and chatted about the great day.
  • The dinner at the “Inlet Hotel” in Inverloch was yummy, for those that did not have the Paella, it was one of the best I have had. However, in fact, all the food was great and the private room suited our quiet group “to a tee”!! Everyone enjoyed themselves and it was obvious.

Now for the Banter

  • First of all, I would like to say that such rides encourage all of us to work as a team, Not as individuals. There are timelines and schedules to meet even if they are quite flexible. We understand that this is a Classic Club and not all bikes can average the same speed, BUT we must think of the others on the ride as well.
  • Now Keith McKracken is still looking for his starter button: it went walk about….. it is a little black thing!!! Bike on trailer Allan Prentice to the rescue with a better replacement bike !!! It was also noticed that Keith, headed off with a push start, no helmet (hmm the committee is looking into that). I believe a Vincent had the same starter motor problem. Franco Trento is it an Italian thing with all those “O’s” parli Italiano signore Trento??
  • Leaving indicators on until the next corner………… well OMG there were a few on this trip. Main culprits: Paul Clayton (may be getting use to the new Honda!!!!) but his mate Terry told me he always does that?? Vince Rogers on his Yamaha was another one, actually he took out the award on this Rally.
  • Now I am one for just riding along with the group, you all know that, however on this Rally I was tail-gated by the Tail End Charlie, sorry Tail End Ian as I was too slow and told to move along. I will try and lift my game. Sorry!
  • Corner Marking is a most important job and most of us take pride in correct directions, with not only indicators but also arm signals. There were a varied lot of positions for the Markers to be in on this Rally, let alone which way the arms pointed. The women pillion passengers were definitely the best at this. Well done ladies. I did see a finger or should I say a digit used, maybe not as a direction but as a gesture. Hmm…  what was his name? Who did that…. He won the “Bested Preserved” Japanese bike. Can anyone help me with his name!!!!

A great Rally. Thank you to all those who organised, coordinated and sorted out any problems….. The Committee, Allan and Michelle Prentice, and all those who helped out. Not forgetting the back-up trailer team, who did a great job and will be mentioned in the Sunday Report. Finally, it was great to see members who drove down to be part of the Rally, Adrian, John, Keith and Val, David and Jenny along with our junior riders, Ed Sleightholm, Reg Hammond, Ian Snadden, John Best and Graham Boulter, always good to have you guys there.


Finally The Bike Awards.

Best British presented by Neal Videan – Colin & Julie Sullivan 1972 Norton Commando

Best European presented by Colin Sullivan – Rob Mullins 1972 BMW R75/5

Best Japanese presented by Stuart Strickland – Graham & Lynne Boulter 1981 Honda CB900F

Presidents Pick by Ian Snadden – John Mannu 1950 Matchless G80


Grazie Mille

Ride and Stay safe.


Paul White


The Inverloch Rally: Sunday Ride Report

It was 8.30 Sunday morning.  It’s wet, dark and not looking so great to be going for a ride.

Nevertheless, we had around 30 bikes, along with riders and pillions to match. We all received our normal briefing and then we were off.

Destination, Wonthaggi for lunch, we headed along the coast to Cape Paterson and after 21klms we were in Wonthaggi; luckily we were just passing through as the ride was to be 120klms. Drizzle and rain followed us for the first 40klms or so, after that we stayed somewhat dry under a cloudy sky.

We had a great ride across the countryside, up & down the endless hills and twists, on roads with almost no traffic and views that were never ending. We travelled through a number of hamlets dotted around the place.

One of these little hamlets goes by the name of Kernot, it has a sharp left hander and we didn’t all negotiate this turn as we would have liked, I being one of them however, a couple of riders who I won’t name. John Mannu and Mike Walker totally overshot the corner and went onto the grass and what not. Well done guys for staying upright and in the saddle.

Another rider who I won’t name was riding quite sedately all day. Not sure if this was because the roads were wet or it was due to the fact he was riding an unfamiliar bike that Allan Prentice had lent him, or perhaps he was just looking for his starter button that he had lost the day before. Did you find it Keith?

It was 11.30 when we arrived back at Wonthaggi coal mine for lunch, by this time the sun had decided to come out. It was great to see we still had most of the rally participants joining in for the Sunday lunch.

A great BBQ lunch was provided with the food ready and waiting for us when we arrived from our ride.

A big thank you to Clinton (Sav) & Kieria Sanderson, Peter Cullen and Michelle Prentice for all the work they put into providing a superb lunch.

Thank you also to Tom & Geraldine Prentice for following all of us around all weekend with the backup trailer. I am sure Frank and Pam are very grateful.

Last but not least, Thank you Allan Prentice, what a great rally (third time lucky).

Awesome weekend, thanks mate.

Rob van Lohuizen

Rider Bike Year
Neal Videan Vincent HRD Rapide 1937
Peter Hibbert AJS 1950
John Mannu Matchless G80 1950
Chris & Carroll Price Matchless G80 1952
Frank & Pam Trento (Sat) Vincent Black Shadow 1953
Frank & Pam Trento (Sun) Velocette MSS 1954
Mike Walker Triumph T150 1971
Bill Garner Triumph 1971
Ian Young Triumph Tiger 500 1971
Robert Mullins BMW R75/5 1972
Colin & Julie Sullivan Norton Commando 1972
Wally Walsh Kawasaki Z1A 1974
Ian Snadden Suzuki X1100 Outfit 1980 (TEC)
Graham & Lynne Boulter Honda CB900F 1981
Peter Cullen Honda 250RS 1981
Stuart Strickland Honda CX650T 1983
Rob van Lohuizen Suzuki 850 Gs 1983
Allan & Michelle Prentice Honda CBX750 1984 (Rally lead)
John & Vicki Best BMW R80 1986
Keith McCracken (Sun) Yamaha XJ900 1986
Nick Oakley BMW K100RS 1988
Keith McCracken (Sat) Kawasaki ZZ1100 1994
Paul Clayton Honda WTR 1000F 1997
Richard Sommerville Honda CB600 2000
Gary & Yolanda Moore BMW R1050R 2001
Ed Sleightholm BMW G310 2001
Markus Leufgens Honda Translap 2003
Steve Inman BMW R1150RT 2004
Janet Walker Honda WTR250 2004
Ken & Danni Hull Honda ST1300 2009
Terry Hoare Honda 800 2014
Paul White Triumph T100 2015
Reg Hammond Triumph T100 2016
David & Mez McLennan Triumph Thruxton 2016
Peter Hansen Triumph Street Twin 2017
David McInnes Royal Enfield 2020
Rob King Triumph T100   
Vince Rogers Yamaha XJR
Keith & Belle Emmett
Jennie & David Langridge
Daryle Kaye & Gareth Kopke
Kay & Phillip McArdle