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About Joining

Dear prospective member of CMCCV,

We look forward to receiving applications to join our club from likeminded enthusiasts who have a genuine interest in classic motorcycles (being motorcycles over 25 years old) and who are genuinely interested in being an active club member.

New Membership applications are processed at the next committee meeting following the receipt of the application form. Applicants will be notified of the outcome within 14 days of the committee meeting.

PLEASE NOTE: To join CMCCV, all applicants are now requested to attend at least one Club function (be it a General Meeting or a Club Ride) BEFORE their written and signed application will be considered by the committee.

However, the committee reserves the right to waive the above criteria in special circumstances.

Additionally, it is now the policy of this Club that all financial members will be a member for no less than six (6) months when applying to put a motorcycle on the Club Permit Scheme (CPS) through this Club.

You may apply on-line by clicking the link above OR you can download and send your completed Membership Application via the postal service OR you can send a completed scanned copy by email to

The Classic Motor Cycle Club of Victoria has 2 classes of membership that you may apply for; Full (or Single) and Family.

Full (Single) Membership: is available to anyone with a genuine interest in Classic Bikes, being bikes at least 25 years old.   Full members are able to participate in all club events and meetings and are able to vote at all club meetings.

Each member is required to pay an annual membership fee.  It is possible to change from Full Membership to Family Membership by making a New Membership Application covering ALL family members.

Family Membership: This is available to either or both parents of a family who are eligible for Full Membership together with one or more children under the age of 18. Each Family Member must be formally nominated in the original approved Membership Application form. Each Family Member over the age of 18 has ALL of the same rights and obligations as Full Members. Family members are required to pay a single annual membership fee that covers all of the members approved Family Members.  It is possible for any Family Member to change to Full Membership.

Additional Information: Members who have been in the club for at least SIX months, may apply to register eligible motor cycles under the clubs CPS agreement with VicRoads.

Members who have been in the club for 5 or more contiguous years may also apply to register an eligible standard motor car under the clubs CPS agreement with VicRoads.

Want more information?

Please contact our Membership Secretary – email to