Letter from Val Smith

The news of Leslie McKibbin’s passing within 6 months of Jan Kennedy was so sad. Us female club members, I believe, bring a lot to the club in so many different ways.

Either by helping our husband/partners in organising rallies, rides or events, or just being supportive of their motorcycling passion.

Over the years many of us have ridden ourselves making it a truly shared enjoyment.

Alan & I joined the club in 1986 and during those 32 years I have made so many wonderful female friends. Some I may only see once every 5 years on the wonderful Anniversary rallies and others more frequently, either within the club or outside the club, with many becoming like family.

Jan became a very close friend and her and Ian’s passing left a large hole in our lives. I saw Leslie less frequently but when we did meet up it was always lovely. These two ladies certainly brought a lot to the club and will be missed greatly.


Val Smith