Membership Information – What happens next?

Thank you for submitting your application form.

What happens next?

Your application will be considered for acceptance by the clubs committee. You will then be advised of the result of those considerations. You are not required to make any payment, prior to Committee approval of your application.

Additional Information:
Upon acceptance, you will be notified in writing or by email, and invited to complete the process by payment of appropriate fees; after which you will receive name badge/s and a welcome pack. The date of payment becomes your official joining date.

Club Permit Scheme:
If you wish to place a standard classic motorcycle on the Victorian Club Permit Scheme (CPS) through this Club, there is a mandatory SIX (6) months qualifying period applicable from the date your membership commences.

Please note: This Club declines to support any CPS application for modified motorcycles, such as choppers, custom bikes, or similar.
Members with a minimum 5 years contiguous membership may also apply for a standard unmodified classic car to be put on the (CPS) scheme through this Club.

See for further information.