Northern region Midweek Ride Report, 18 Sept 2018 – Kruisin’ Kilmore

This was my first Northern Mid Week ride, the trek across from the mid south was good with little traffic congestion today.

At the meeting point at Tram-stop servo in Greensborough the sun was shining and all was good, a total of 13 members showed up here with another member meeting us at Kilmore. Wally Walsh was lead rider and Keith McCracken offered to be TEC. The fight was then on for report writer, the silence was deafening, so I offered my services…. Needless to say no-one complained. We all enjoy reading the ride reports but very few willingly volunteer for the job, it’s worth considering to help once in a while as it is not difficult to jot a few words down and the club along with lead rider on the day really appreciate the help. So come on guys, put your hand up when the lead rider asks for a volunteer, otherwise you will keep getting sermons like this every time I have to do the job!

We encountered a number of roadworks on the initial leg of the ride but it was clear skies and clear roads from that point onwards. There were some great roads as we weaved our way via Yan Yean through Whittlesea and Wandong to finally arrive at Kilmore for morning tea with Peter Culin on his Honda 250cc Chook chaser. At this point let me say the price at the bakery for a vegie pastie is 20 percent more expensive in Kilmore than in Marysville, it took me a good 5 minutes to recover from the shock!

On we went out of Kilmore to Pyalong, Tooborac and then Lancefield for lunch. The weather seemed to be changing with clouds no longer a fluffy white but becoming menacingly grey. A quick check of the BOM website radar revealed trouble on the way, I thought it prudent to break off early and make hast for home before the downpour began.

The homeward leg took us out of Lancefield through Romesy and onto Wallan, a few of us broke off at this point to head for home, the group continued on through Woolert and Yan Yean to arrive back at the start point ending the ride.

Another enjoyable albeit windy ride with no incidents and no-one lost, great job Wally and Keith.

The Participants.

Wally Walsh                      Kawasaki            Z1A                        1974       (Lead Rider)

Damien Lewer                  Suzuki                   GSX1100             1982

John & Vicki Best             BMW                    R80                      1986

Mike Walker                     Triumph               TR65                      1981

Sam Panettieri                  Suzuki                   GSX750F              1989

Peter Cullen                       Honda                   XL250                    1980-ish

Janet Walker                    Honda                   VTR250                 2004

Michael Thompson          Triumph               T100                       2013

Colin Borthwick                 Triumph               T120                       2017

Richard Haughton            Kawasaki             W800                     2009

Robert Mullins                BMW                     S1000R                2015

Keith McKracken              Honda                   ST1300                  2002      (TEC)

Ed Sleightholm                 Triumph               Street                   2017

Kim Coillet                           BMW                     F800                       2009

Sam Panettieri