Southern region Midweek ride, Tuesday Oct 2nd

Some of us were rained on riding to the start point at the BP servo in Officer, while others seemed surprised that there was any rain about.

The forecast was for 24 degrees in Melbourne with the possibility of a light shower, but the day was cool to start off so after topping up fuel, a hot coffee and chat was welcome.

There were seven bikes and eight riders. Ed Sleightholm was leader with John Best as TEC, assisted by Vicky.

At 9am-ish after Ed’s briefing covering all salient points, we headed off east on the M1 for several kms then headed south through Nar Nar Goon, then west.  Interesting name, meaning water rat in the local language. (What water?)

The route at this stage was flat and involved a bit of left/ right /left/ right travelling east through Tynong, Bunyip, Longwarry, Drouin and then we got into more interesting winding roads taking through beautiful green country via Lardner, Ellingbank, Bona Vista, and crossing the M1 at Darnum.

From here we had another great ride through Shady Creek, and Buln Buln (meaning Lyrebird) East to Neerim South for morning tea. (88km)_

I noticed that the brown cows on our route had a high interest in the classic bikes roaring past and in one paddock 152 of them all turned their eyes to watch us pass. Sadly, and perhaps typically, a herd a 51 calves we later passed and no interest at all, and in fact they ran in the opposite direction! Why does the younger generation have so little appreciation of such fine machinery?

A couple of locals confirmed that at least in this area the farms had had reasonable rainfall, although more is welcome. Hence the green countryside.

Photo shows some of the gang at The Neerim South Bakery. Thanks for the wave Reg.

This was a good venue for morning tea: Good food choice and great conversations.

By this time the cloud was lifting somewhat although the temperature was still cool.

The next part of the ride was a tour of Neerim area including, Neerim South, Neerim, Neerim East, Nerrim Junction, and Neerim North. (are there more?)

On show were cows, bulls, goats, Alpacas, and three dogs, the first of which was a bit too keen. Ed reportedly saw a baby magpie too.

The route was a really good motorcycle rural road with many twists and turns, and one really bumpy  section which kept me alert !

We did a brief (100m) stint on gravel then Ed decided there was a better way. (U turn)

This was another amazing “Ed” ride and the sky was becoming bluer as we went.

We passed Noojee, saw the Trestle Bridge sign, Piedmont, Jindivick and back to Druin for lunch.

We felt Nick’s Bakehouse was not as good as in the past with a limited range of food. Perhaps Tuesdays are their quiet day.

Odometer here read 180 kms.

Lunch was another discussion of worldly events and many problems were solved.

I wish I could safely take photos as I ride of the fantastic views all around, but I am limited to photos of our meal breaks.

From Drouin we made our way back to the M1 and stopped for farewells at the ingoing BP Servo in Officer.  Then home, in much warmer weather.

Officer is named after an early settler family, not Mr Plod. I had to check this out.

Another wonderful ride in good conditions and with no mishaps. Thanks Ed.

Participants were:

Ed Sleightholm Triumph Street Twin 2017
John and Vicky Best Suzuki Bandit 2008
Reg Hammond Honda Integra 2012
Sam Panettieri Yamaha SR500E 1978
Jack Youdan Triumph Thruxton 2009
Ray Isles BMW F650CS 2004
Brian Boulton Kawasaki ZRX s 2002


Brian Boulton