Northern Region Midweek ride report, 20 Aug 2019

I placed my hand deep into my bag of tricks, thus producing a fairly good day for this time during winter. With hail falling yesterday and rain due tomorrow I was glad to see the forecast of cool, showers falling in the southern suburbs with fair winds. I would except that on any ride day especially if I was heading North.

While enjoying a hot coffee at the Servo with Keith we patiently waited for our fellow riders to arrive.  Arrive they did, twelve riders ready to take on the day enjoy good companionship and great flowing roads of our country side (you should try it sometime).

The traffic  was light as we travelled North on a nearly completed Yan Yean Road (roadworks do take a long time), passing through Eden Park, Wondong and onto Kilmore where a hot cuppa, assorted pastries and goodies awaited our arrival.  There is always some entertaining conversation around the table (which I will keep in house) followed by plenty of laughter, giggles and amusement. With full stomachs and warm bodies we travel West through Pylong, Tooborac then turn right towards Puckapunyal Army Barracks. A vigilant eye is needed on this road for wandering kangaroos but as we crest a rise we are confronted with one sheep in the middle of the road and three sheep grazing on the fringe.  I crap myself, on the brakes, hand in the air and the four woolen jumpers scatter towards the bush. Luckily no live skippys are spotted at all while travelling this area.

We are soon entering the township of Seymour with little traffic about, within minutes we find ourselves on the outskirts on a very well maintained road winding our way towards our lunch stop of Yea.  Our conversations repeat itself from the morning with laughter to follow.

The Whittlesea Ulysses bike group was also at this bakery making a total of about 22 bikers (I’m sure they appreciated the bikers business.

The day had been great to this point not one drop of rain, great road, company and food.  It is such a pleasure to view the countryside when it looks its best, rolling hills, green pastures and healthy trees all add to a stress free days riding with good mates all around you.

We now make our way back to  Greensborough via Flowerdale, Kinglake West and Whittlesea.

Thanks to all our fellow riders, Keith my TEC and mother nature for the dry winters day.

A great journey of approx. 251kms

Until next time stay upright Wally Walsh


Rider Bike Year
Wally Walsh Triumph 1200 1997
Keith McCracken (TEC) Kawasaki 1994
John Best Suzuki 2008
Reg Hammond Honda Integra
Paul Clayton Honda VFR800
Rob King Triumph 2018
Terry Hoare Honda VFR800
Richard Haughton Kawasaki 2013
Colin Borthwick Triumph Bonneville 2018
Kevin Bombadier Kawasaki GTR 1986
Martyn Goodwin Vincent Comet 1951
Damien Lewer Susuki GSX1100 1982