Northern Region Midweek Ride Report, 15 Jan 2019

CMCCV Northern Midweek Ride – “The Broadford Boil”.  Tue 15-01-2019

When you ride a motorcycle you start to get an obsessive interest in the weather, which is strange as we wear nearly the same gear when it’s 4 degrees or 40, and rain or shine.  Forecast HOT, 42+ through country Victoria.  We are going on the Northern Midweek Ride, so planning done, the sun rose over the bayside suburbs with misty light cloud, and the air had that crisp cool morning freshness, you only get at sunrise, before the baking sun strikes the tarmac.  We set off early, dodging the Tradie Utes on the freeway and arrived at the Gladstone Park Coles Express Servo in good time.

By 9:00am our total group of 9, were sheltering under a large Pine tree at the servo, as the sun was fully out and the temperature was skyrocketing into the forties.  The group decided that we have a shorter run to brunch in Broadford, and then decide the trip home as part of the days ride.  Many thanks to Richard for his organising and leading, and to Graeme for being tail gunner with his yellow front lights that made it easy to see him coming.

Our diverse group of 7 makes of bike travelled north through Greenvale, then west along Somerton Road and some twisty turns along Wildwood Road until the landscape flattened out.  It was hot and windy for some long straight stretches out “Woop Woop” through Clarkefield to Bolinda, not that I had a clue where we were, but the great thing about the club rides is we get to ride great roads and see places in Victoria that we haven’t been to.  On to Romsey, and just for a bit of excitement we were stalked by the local constables in an un-marked speed camera car.  They got disappointed and went home as we travelled at our normal legal pace, and despite rumours, “the biker club was not escorted out of town“.

Part of the magic of riding a motorcycle is when you find roads that suit your bike and your rhythm, and the sweeping turns just flow from one to the next in a smooth and continuous way, and you get the lines right, and ride it well.  Very satisfying and enjoyable.  For us, such were the sections from Romsey through the back-roads via Wallan, Wandong and into Broadford, and then on our way home into the hills and forests from Strath Creek, Flowerdale onto Kinglake West.  So, thank you Richard for the selected route and it doesn’t matter where you travel around Victoria on any given day, there’s always roadworks somewhere.  We had to stop and wait in the sun at some roadworks before Romsey, until the “lolly-pop STOP man” let us through.  I think at that stage the sweat was running out the bottom of my boots (did I mention that it was HOT).  On arrival in Broadford we took sanctuary in the Air-Conditioned Bakery and enjoyed food and large cold drinks, talked life and bikes, and it is just the best time sharing a common passion with a great group of friends.

On the homeward leg we left the group at Kinglake West as they travelled to Whittlesea, and our path led Southeast across the hills to the Dandenongs (thought it would be cooler – wrong).  We’ll be back for more Northern discovery, absolutely.  Thanks guys, great bikes and a great day.

David McLennan

NR Midweek Riders Participants List

Rider Bike Year
Richard Haughton  (LR) Kawasaki W800 2012
Graeme Wilson (TEC) BMW K75 1985
Ray Costello Husky Nuda 900R 2013
Sam Panettieri Suzuki VX800 1990
David and Marianne McLennan Triumph Thruxton 2016
Laurie John Yamaha FJR1300 2006
Greg Costello Moto Guzzi 750 1971
Damien Lewer Suzuki GSX 1100E 1982