Northern Region Midweek ride report, 17 Sep 2019

It was a clear but cold morning as I broke the ice that had formed in the bird bath.

Yes, a little bit fresh but a great day loomed.

13 riders gradually rolled up with everybody eager with anticipation of what lay ahead for the day. With greetings of the morning shared around, discussions on how good the bikes looked and handled followed by our riders briefing we as a group started on our journey.

The roads seem to have little traffic on them as we travelled through Diamond
Creek, Wattle Glen then onto the road to Yarra Glen. I kept the group reasonably tight so we could travel at a better pace. As the sun rose in the east the warmth filtered through my visor, giving me the anticipation that Spring had arrived. With my Kwaka 900 purring beneath me we soon approached the sign to Healsville and our first stop for morning tea (Beechworth Bakery).

6 fellow members meet us here taking our total riders to 19. With such a beautiful day forecast all we need was enjoyment of warm sunshine, motorcycle riding and great company to rise out of bed early. With the warmth of a hot cuppa in our stomachs we headed towards the famous Black Spur, to my surprise there were no wet or damp spots at all after our recent rain (dry as toast).  Being the ride leader I wasn’t even held up by one vehicle, must be a “record”.

The temperature become warmer, the scenery become better as looking in my mirror the freight train of motorcycles behind me looked great as we travelled these excellent roads.

Unfortunately we arrived at our destination (Marysville) all but too quickly OOPS sorry about that folks. With some people just talking, others eating or having a drink, we all enjoyed the sunshine and the social aspect. Time travels on quickly as soon we must depart for home, heading through Buxton, Narbethong (great road this) down the Black Spur and returning to Healsville for a refuel stop.

We said our goodbyes to a few then back on our iron steeds to Yarra Glen, Christmas Hills, Diamond Creek returning to our starting point of Greensborough.

PS, isn’t Spring just marvelous, dry roads, warm sunshine, no wind, green rich country side, perfect. What a pleasure to be riding a motorcycle, beats work any day – yeah baby!

Thanks to all our fellow riders, Keith my TEC .

A great journey of approx. 180kms

Until next time stay upright Wally Walsh


rider bike year
Frank Trento HRD Rapide 1948
Martyn Goodwin Vincent Comet 1951
Neal & Nok Videan Royal Enfield 1969
Wally Walsh (Ride Leader) Kawasaki 900 1974
Ian Sneddon BMW 1974
Mike Walker Triumph 1981
Kevin Bombadier Kawasaki GTR 1986
John & Vick Best BMW R80 1986
Peter Keage Motor Guzzi 2002
Keith McCracken (TEC) Honda 2002
Greg Costello Yamaha 2009
Graham Boulter Yamaha 2016
Reg Hammond Triumph 2016
Colin Borthwick Triumph 2017
John Killingsworth BMW 1200    
Paul Clayton Honda VFR800
Phillip Mc Arou Honda 125
Richard Mason Honda 750
Peter Hansen Triumph Street Twin