Northern Region Midweek ride report, 18 June 2019


The forecast for Tuesday 18th June was not going to be kind to us, high chance of showers, rain, and possible hail temperature 12  (old bike ride, I think we need a boat). As Keith and I arrived at the servo no one was there and I could see the grin on Keith’s face, I read his mind (we are going home no one will turn up) Ha Ha!. This will not be the case, slowly the bikes roll up until we have 8 bikes and 9 participants.  (what a tough mob the classic club are).

As we depart the servo the roads are dry, no rain or wind whatsoever (perfect day).  At a leisurely pace we meander through Arthurs Creek, Cottles Bridge, St Andrews, Kangaroo Grounds, Christmas Hills and onto Yarra Glen. The countryside is beautiful and green with no traffic around, just the occasional black wallaby heading for the scrub for we have disturbed their morning feed.

We arrived at our destination the bakery of course, hot food, hot cuppa, cakes, everyone has a grin on their face and don’t forget the roads are still dry HAPPY HAPPY!. There was some good discussion on a bike parked next to bakery, a new Royal Enfield Interceptor 650 which presented as a very tidy machine. After some good conversation, a hot beverage and snacks we continued on our travels when light misty drizzle began to fall. I must say the roads have very little traffic on them, quiet, peaceful and a touch of eerie because of the cold gloomy day.

It’s not long before we turn left and travel up the mountain towards Kinglake, the temperature begins to drop the higher we climb. I was expecting to run into the clouds or fog here but visibility stayed clear. On arrival at the Flying Tarts Bakery we were greeted by a warm, cosy establishment that is always worth a visit on a cold winter’s day. A great stop to catch up on all the past/future gossip and to thaw out.

As we headed south towards home the mountain growled, coughed and pissed down on us for 10 minutes just to remind us of her power. “All in a day’s fun riding a motorbike”.

Thanks to the hardy souls who attended, and to my TEC Keith.

A great journey of approx. 150kms

Until next time stay upright Wally Walsh


Rider Bike Year
Wally Walsh Kawaski 900 1974
Keith McCracken (TEC) Honda 2002
John Best BMW 1986
Reg Hammond Triumph 2016
Franco Trento Brough Superior SS100 1927
David & Mez McLennan Truimph 2016
Alan Kelly Velocette 1955
Paul Clayton Matchless 1952