Northern Region midweek ride report, 18 May


As I headed towards our starting point at the Caltex Garage in Greensborough my teeth began to chatter, it was then I realized how cold the air was.  This was going to be a cold, fresh day, but I was being optimistic as we where to head North over the divide which can lead to a sunny day (my fingers were crossed with anticipation).

My trusty TEC Keith and I arrived at our starting point with 6 eager riders awaiting our mystique ride ahead.  The bikes kept riding in until a total of 16 riders and 2 pillions (good on ya Mez and Vicki, you’re always there supporting your fella’s), for our intended adventure to the tarmac to the sky, enough waffling lets go.

We head North towards the colder area of Kinglake West, Flowerdale then towards Yea. There was no fog or damp roads on our approach to our morning tea stop to Yea, but the air was cold, then colder as my fingers were telling me. Glad I wore my thermals for this was to be the coldest part of the day. As we all pull up at Yea you knew by the smiling faces who had the heated grips (lucky bast$#@s) “It’s a bit fresh boys” I hear from the group then a mad rush is on for the coffee shop to warm up, along with other treats, some chit chat and morning tea was soon over.

The feeling in my fingers had returned so we where ready for the next stage, Yea to Buxton to refuel via the Whanregarwen Road which links up with the Maroondah Hwy.  This meandering road is great for a cruise along, no tight bends, maybe 2 cars on it if your unlucky, just enjoy the ride and flow.  Turning right at Maroondah Hwy we travelled through Acheron, Taggety then onto Buxton for a 10-minute stop for fuel. A gentle left turn and we are 12 kms from Marysville for our third stop Lunch.

We wandered into a quiet, warm bakery, where the staff were welcomely and friendly. There was no qualms about the food on offer as it was received with smiles all around.  On discussion most participants where happy with running of their machinery and the condition of the roads. The temperature had also risen to provide a more comfortable zone to ride in.

Our last leg for the day had come as we say our goodbyes to Marysville and each other.  We are soon riding on the Black Spur where we encounter no traffic at all to slow us down. I checked my memory bank to recall “has this happened before ?” but my mind is getting older and I cannot recall ha, ha!  Some riders depart at Healsville as we turn right towards Yarra Glen, Christmas Hills, then back to Greensborough our starting point. We enjoyed great riding, with great people, which means a top day for all.

Remember the dark shadow of Covid hangs over our heads daily, so when the time arises pull your bike out of the shed, for you don’t know when this may happen again.

Great day, great roads, great company, 16 bikes attended and travelled with us.

Thank you all for a great, enjoyable day and to my TEC Keith McCraken

A great journey of approx. 230kms

Until next time stay upright Wally Walsh



Rider Bike Year    
Franco Trento Ducati 750GT 1973
Wally Walsh (Ride Leader) Kawasaki Z1A 900 1974
Scott Oldfield BMW 90S 1975
Damian Lewer Suzuki GSX1100E 1982
John Killingsworth BMW R80GS 1985
John and Vicki Best BMW R80 1986
Keith McCracken Kawasaki ZZR1100 1994
Richard Haughton Kawasaki W800 2012
Len Barry GFMoto 650TR 2014
Paul Clayton Honda VFR800 2014
Reg Hammond Triumph Bonneville 2016
Arthur Hampson Triumph T120 2016
David & Mez McLennan Triumph Thruxton 2016
Colin Borthwick Triumph Bonneville T120 2017
Richard Mason Honda 750 2017
Rob King Triumph T100 2018