Northern Region Midweek Ride Report, 20 Nov 2018

Michael and Keith arrived at my house at 8.10 am, with a humid , cloudy but dry morning looking down on us from up above. Showers are forecast for the afternoon with a chance of a thunderstorm.

We enter the Tramstop servo to the delight of 5 riders eagerly waiting our arrival. After saying our hello,s the conversation quickly turns to the weather, will it rain ,when will it rain, at least it is warm. During this time another 5 riders arrive, we are ready, there are smiles all round.

We proceed north up Yan Yean rd through the roadworks (very frustrating) towards Yan Yean reservoir then soon enter the area of Eden Park. Our leisurely ride through this area is quiet and enjoyable, soon we are travelling through Whittlesea and up the mountain rd towards Kinglake West and The Flying Tarts Bakery for morning tea.

On arrival at the bakery we must have walked in on a staff  development day for the boys n girls in blue (police) as there were about 10 uniformed officers enjoying the cuisine and not a marked police car to be seen out the front.

Back on the bikes we enjoyed our cruise on quiet, dry roads through Kinglake n down the hill towards the Melba  Hwy. I must admit travelling at 80 klms gives you plenty of time to enjoy not only the roads but the surroundings as well. We traversed down the mountain rd through Dixons Creek onto Yarra Glen for lunch where we met up with the Whittlesea Ulysses Club at the bakery. After a group discussion with an excited shop owner (you had to be there) we filled our tummys, quenched our thirst and said our goodbyes to a few of our southerly club mates who were trying to beat the approaching rain home.

The last leg saw us riding through Christmas Hills, Kangaroo Grounds, St Andrews and Arthurs Crk.

I hope everybody enjoyed the day as much as I did, with the old bikes ride being attended very well, thanks to the 13 riders who attended.

5 bikes pre 1961
4 bikes pre 1982
4 other riders

Many thanks to all attendees and my tail end Charlie Michael Thompson…………Wally.