President’s Message – April 2020

Sadly, we have lost three Club members in the last month.

Julie Mullins wife of treasurer Rob passed away on the 19th February, Peter Margerison passed on 28th February and William (Bill) Graham passed on 3rd March.

Our deepest sympathy to the families from the committee and members.

See Vales in this issue of Sprocket.

You will notice in this month’s Sprocket a repeat of the 50th Anniversary Rally – Expression of Interest form (also included in March Sprocket). If you intend to come along on the week long Rally in March next year please don’t forget to fill out your details on the form and return it to Secretary John by 30th April.

Vice President Graham has recently returned from a reconnaissance of the Port Fairy area and has come up with a number of very interesting rides that cover the Port Fairy area and greater proximity and take in many of the scenic locations and points of interest. Planning for this major Club event is foremost on the committee’s schedule and I hope you are looking forward to the week of great rides and fabulous companionship, as much as we are.

Don’t forget – 30th April for returning your Expression of Interest form.

The media is full of coronavirus or COVID-19 news and as the concern intensifies we need to remain aware of what we should or should not be doing to reduce our personal risk. As I write this President’s message the committee has decided to cancel all future Club events until further notice. We will keep you informed of when the curfew on cancelled events is lifted, by Club eNews.

As we come to grips (excuse the pun) with this current situation I struggle with the concept of potentially not greeting each other with the obligatory and second nature and socially acceptable handshake. Other means of physical greetings have been bandied about but for me I reckon a simple Aussie – G’day, will suffice. I wonder when we come out of the other side of this health scare if we will revert to a handshake greeting or will this be a turning point away from something that has been second nature to us all for eons. I guess time will tell.

Keep safe and well.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV