Presidents Message April


President’s Message – April 2018

On March 16th to 18th we held our Inverloch Rally. The rally was well attended by the regulars and it was pleasing to see a few new faces. Our thanks go to Alan Prentice for planning the rides on Saturday & Sunday as well as a morning tea treat on Saturday and a great send-off BBQ on the Sunday. The roads Alan led us on were sensational with no lack of corners & magnificent scenery. Alan’s mates did the ride marshalling on the Saturday ride leaving ride participants to simply enjoy the riding. Great organisation, great rally, thank you Alan and Michelle and all those that gave their time to help you.

Over the Rally weekend we had the pleasure to catch up with Joan Woodbridge and her family. Joan and her late husband Alan and their family ran 18 Inverloch Investigator rallies over a twenty-year period.

I want to vent my concerns on a subject that I feel strongly about. Being president of a club of like minded motorcyclists of the mature and sensible type, I am confident that the vast majority of you will be in agreeance with me, regarding my subject of concern.

Here goes! – It never fails to amaze me the gear or lack of, that some motorcyclists think is suitable for riding in. Well may we say (a bit of Gough plagiarism there ha ha) that we live in a nanny state, as we risk getting fined if we use our mobiles while we drive or cycle, we are fined for not wearing a seat belt and there are numerous other seemingly trivial misdemeanours of which we need to stay on the right side of the law. I agree many of these actions are dangerous & should be discouraged, however it is perfectly legal (be it incredibly stupid) to ride a motorcycle in a singlet top & shorts. I need not expand on the type of injuries that are sustained if you slide down the road with only your bare skin covering your bones.

Should we become even more nannified (possibly a new word I have made up) & legislate mandatory protective motorcycling clothing? It certainly wouldn’t bother me, but should we have to go to these extents to keep motorcyclists safe & keep the TAC premium down by keeping those who consider themselves invincible out of hospital. Then there is the issue of scooter riders to complicate matters.

You really would think that common sense would prevail – but it doesn’t seem to unfortunately.

I’m glad our Club members consistently set an example to those that don’t seem to be aware of their vulnerability in this regard. One can only hope that it may rub off, but I’m not too hopeful about that.

On a sad note on the 12th of March Lesley McKibbin sadly passed away after 12 months or so of battling ill health.

Our thoughts are with Bill & family during these difficult times.


Ride safe & often

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV