President’s Message – December 2019

My last President’s message for the year, it’s hard to believe another year is almost done & dusted.

If you’re around my age, I’m sure you would have heard the cliché ‘once you’re retired you wonder how you ever had time to work’.  I heard that many times leading up to retirement and I dismissed it as retirement must surely give you the time to do things that weren’t always possible when you were working. Now I’m retired and I am as busy as ever I agree with the statement, in fact for me I would say it was somewhat understated.

Yes life is very busy, but it’s a different kind of busy, there is no doubt that I now have the opportunity to enjoy more riding, more time in the workshop and paying more attention to farm jobs that were sadly neglected for many years.

Recently I stated to my work colleague (I still work one day a week & love it) that in 2021 I am going to reduce a few of my commitments and slow life down a bit so I have a bit more time to pursue another passion of mine that has been pushed to the back burner since I retired two and a half years ago. My colleague warned me to be careful as I would end up being bored. Bored – me! ‘I’ve never experienced it’ was my reply, ‘wouldn’t know what it was’, but thanks for the warning. I suggest I won’t be bored, just an opportunity to replace one (or a few) current commitments with something else, looking forward to that.

Planning for the 50th Anniversary Rally in March 2021 is proceeding well. As of November, the 50th rally sub-committee has been merged into the capable hands of the full committee to enable the huge range of tasks leading up to the grand event to be spread across more people. The committee will also be embarking on a recruitment campaign to draw in interested members to help with the planning, so if you’re interested in giving us a hand, please give me a call.

By the time you have read this message, we will well and truly be into the Christmas break, so I need to remind you that there will be no General Meetings in December or January. Next General Meeting will be Wednesday 19th February. There will however be rides over the Christmas break, so please check the calendar in Sprocket or the website.

Thank you to all that helped make 2019 a very enjoyable Club year.

On behalf of the committee and myself I would like to wish you & your families a Merry Christmas and a healthy and happy 2020.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV