Presidents Message July 2018

President’s Message – July 2018

Well this is my last President’s message this Club year.

As you would be aware our Club AGM will be held on the 18th July and all positions become vacant, so come along and welcome in the new committee that will be elected on the night.

Jack Youdan and Rob van Lohuizen will both be stepping down from the committee at the end of this Club year and I sincerely thank them both for all their efforts and commitment to the Club during their respective terms on the committee. They might be stepping down from the committee, but I am certain we will see them at meetings and on many Club events in the future.

As previously advised Richard Sommerville, after 11 years as Sprocket Editor has handed over the reins to Jeremy Coffey. Richard however has offered to take over the role of Club Permit Officer from Ray Isles and we are fortunate that Ray is happy to continue on the committee. Ray is our committee mentor as his experience of all things Club is immense and his knowledge of Club history and processes is a huge benefit to the newer incumbents like myself.

As for Richard, after 11 years as editor, he still wants more! Unbelievable, but I know Richard will pick up the CPS role from Ray with the same enthusiasm he has always given to Sprocket.

Make sure you read the new Club Permit Officer contact details and implementation date in this issue of Sprocket.

Recently I spent some time going back over the Sprocket archives that Graham Boulter a couple of years ago scanned and burnt to two DVDs (a huge job Graham, well done again). The Club history is all there, although a bit sparse in the early years. My intention was to collate committee positions since the start of the Club into an historical Honour Roll format. After the odd one or two hours with the help of my dearly beloved, we came up with the committee history since 1971 on a spreadsheet. It was an interesting exercise for a couple of reasons as it gave me valuable insight into the committee makeup over the years and I was amazed and impressed at the huge commitment so many Club members gave to the Club for many consecutive years.  What is also inspiring and impressive is that many of the names that were responsible for the formation of the Club and all the ground work in the early years, we still see on a regular basis and that is nothing short of fantastic. I salute you, for today we continue to enjoy the fruit of all your labours.

Some time soon the Honour Roll will be available for members to view on the Club website.

Ride often, stay safe and don’t forget your head checks.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV