President’s Message – March 2019

Important notice to all members.

To avoid unnecessary delays in having your CPS renewals signed or your new CPS applications processed, it is necessary to send your documents to the correct person at the correct PO Box.

Too many members are still sending their documents to Ray Isles or others to the Club’s PO Box.

Since August last year Richard Sommerville has taken over from Ray and we have a new PO Box in Seymour for all CPS matters. The change of details has been in Sprocket every month since August 2018 and can be found on the Club Contacts page on page 3.


Each year I attend the Island Classics at Philip Island on the January Australia Day weekend.

What a fantastic 3 days of classic racing with public access to the paddock and pit area – it really doesn’t get any better than that. This year however it was disappointing that there were no Period 1 or 2 classes, no sidecars and no British International Team. I sincerely hope this isn’t the start of a decline in the quality and numbers of participants and classes of this great event. Granted I understand there was a valid reason behind the Brits no show, but I’m concerned that rumours of ever-increasing race entry fees are keeping the little bloke on a modest budget away. (A term of expression, no reference to our Ron intended)

It would be a real shame if the future of this weekend is restricted to those who have the backing of sponsors to enable them to be able to afford to race. I hope I’m wrong.

Recently a couple of us undertook a reconnaissance of far west coastal Victoria with the intent to consider a suitable site for the Club’s up and coming 50th Anniversary Rally in 2021. What a huge milestone and event this will be for our Club. Stay tuned, its going to be an absolute ripper.

On the return from this foray we took the opportunity to meet up with Andy and Geelong members on their 3rd Sunday run. Andy led us on a short 95 km run from their Waurn Ponds departure point to late morning coffee at Inverleigh about 20km out of Geelong. A very enjoyable and well-run ride, thanks Andy – keep up the good work.

I will endeavour to join the Geelong boys on their runs a bit more often, just hate the thought of the trip on the Monash and Geelong freeways just to get there.

Some great rides and events on the horizon for your participation and enjoyment plus some non-riding events planned in the not too distant future for those who may prefer this style of event.

Enjoy life and always ride safe.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV