President’s Message – September 2019

Perhaps the following subject may be a bit taboo or touch the odd nerve or two, but it’s something that as President I’ve put off sharing with members, but I think the subject needs to be aired.
Why would someone want to join a Club like ours?
I would have thought the primary reason was to share a passion with like-minded souls or tragics (which is probably closer to the mark – me included) and to enjoy all the benefits of Club life, availing oneself of Club events, meeting new like-minded enthusiasts and enjoying the whole experience. Being able to register your classic on our Club Permit Scheme (CPS) is obviously a benefit that comes from joining.
So, should we (myself & the committee) be concerned that joining our Club for some people is purely a means to access the CPS with no intention of becoming an active member?
My personal point of view is, yes it bothers me, and we could in cold blunt terms consider that we are just being used by these people to give them access to cheap registration (CPS). A bit harsh perhaps but sometimes the truth hurts.
At a recent meeting of Motorcycle Club representatives I attended, this situation has so incensed another Melbourne Motorcycle Club that they have adopted a Club ruling that unless every single Club member attends a prescribed number of Club events each year the Club will not sign their CPS renewal when it falls due. They still remain a member, but they are effectively struck off the Club’s CPS.
Harsh – maybe, effective – yes, it has certainly worked for them, with increased numbers attending Club events.
Should our Club consider a similar approach?
For members that have joined for the sole reason of accessing our CPS, I certainly hope they at least read Sprocket each month and occasionally feel a pang that they are missing out on what the active core enjoys.
Distance is no excuse as we have a number of members that live a considerable distance from Melbourne (some interstate) and as a result can’t join us on day rides, they do however sign up for our rallies that are held 3 times per year and I’m sure I can speak for them when I say that they thoroughly enjoy these Club events – why else would they keep coming back?
I do however recognise & acknowledge, that our Club is very fortunate to have a number of long serving members that no longer ride, but are still very much active Club members in the sense that they regularly attend Club meetings, social events and many still attend Club rallies, be it now days by car, rather than bike.
So if you haven’t been on a Club ride / event come along and give it a go, remember if you are a new member & you attend 5 Club rides in the first full year of your membership, you get your second year membership subscription free.
On an entirely different subject, please be aware that guests are very welcome on Club events. If you invite someone along on a Club ride please ensure their name & details are entered on the ride sheet and marked as a guest. If it is a Club rally you are inviting them along to, ensure the guest indicates on the rally entry form in the place provided, the name of the member of whom they are a guest.
Optimistically yours
Ian Snadden
President CMCCV