President’s Report August 2017

Congratulations to Burger for his exceptional 7 years and 4 months as President extraordinaire.
Burger was awarded Life Membership status at the July AGM for which he was very deserving.
Enjoy your well-deserved rest from the President position Burger and we sincerely hope to continue to see you at future meetings and Club events.
12 years ago after a 3 year term as President of the BMW Motorcycle Club of Victoria I vowed that I wouldn’t make that commitment again.
Well here we go again, however this time circumstances are vastly different, I’m now retired, older and wiser and have learnt in the interim not to take on everything myself, I learnt from my previous experience how to delegate, so watch out committee!
I have agreed to take on the role of President of the CMCCV as I’m very passionate about our Club. I have been a member of many clubs over the years and our Club is very special. There are no politics, no egos and I feel I’m a part of a family of kindred spirits.
The camaraderie within our club is exceptional and rides, social occasions, meetings and rallies are always very enjoyable.
Welcome to the incoming committee for 2017-18.
I extend a special welcome Sam Panettieri to the committee in your role as Club Captain and congratulations to Graham Boulter stepping into the Vice President position.
The Club’s committee members are all hardworking and dedicated and work extremely effectively together as a team; I look forward to working with the committee during my term as President.
I believe myself and the committee have a huge responsibility to ensure that our beloved Club is still in a healthy existence in the future decades to come. Our Club is no different to other enthusiast clubs in respect that our membership is ageing and a major hurdle will be attracting new younger members that share our enthusiasm for classic motorcycles to ensure the club lives on.
This will be a great challenge to the committee which we will be embracing with enthusiasm and in due course will be seeking input from members.
I look forward to serving you as President and thank the committee for their confidence in me to take on the role.
As Burger once said signing off a President’s message – “A club event is a non-event without members”
Look forward to seeing you on a Club event soon, guaranteed you will enjoy it.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV