President’s Report – September 2017

President’s message:

Dear CMCCV member

If you’ve never read a President’s message before – please read this one!

(Absolutely no reflection on past Presidents whatsoever, just trying to capture the reader’s attention)

Picture this, we are lucky enough to be out riding our beloved classic machines, socialising and enjoying our passion to the max.

How often do we pause during these times and consider the plight of others who may be stricken with an illness that has no cure – rarely I would suggest. Let’s not be too hard on ourselves over this, as unless you or a member of your family are confronted with a serious medical condition, life goes on for the majority of us. However I am not suggesting we are oblivious to others’ hardships but perhaps momentarily we feel genuine compassion for others when their plight is a topic of conversation. We then seem to seek comfort and be thankful that it “always happens to someone else” before drifting back into our comparatively fortunate lives.

Your committee has decided to support a worthwhile cause by running a raffle over the next few months. Members who attended the August General Meeting were presented with statistics regarding the horrific Motor Neurone Disease (MND) and at that meeting a raffle was launched. Our Club has been given approval from the MND Foundation to run a raffle with all proceeds going to their fund raising arm “Fight MND”.

Fight MND guarantee that 100% of donations go directly to benefit the cause, no expenses are deducted from donations.

For further information about MND go to

I would hope we can raise at the very least $2,000 to go to this very worthwhile cause, which equates to one $5 raffle ticket per member. (The equivalent to a beer in the pub, a Magnum ice-cream or a large takeaway coffee.) Of course more would be better.

More details in this edition of Sprocket of how you can support this extremely worthwhile cause.

Back to classic bike indulgence, (but not losing sight of above)

Thanks to Jack Youdan & Colin Borthwick for arranging an excellent guest speaker for the August General Meeting – Rodney Richards, volunteer pilot with Angel Flight.

As you are reading this your committee is hard at work organising next year’s rallies and rides. Three rallies are planned for 2018.

November General Meeting is going to be a cracker with Jack and the committee organising a swap meet at the club premises, starting early and another excellent guest (Club member) speaker.

See you on a Club event soon.

Ian Snadden

President CMCCV.