Richards Old Faithful Club Ride Sunday 23nd September 2018

A cloudy and overcast morning (well drizzle really) with a top of 14C greeted the club members for the last Ride weekend of spring, as members arrived at the designated rendezvous location. Little Richard giving the ride brief, Graeme doing the TEC role, we were to loop thought Kinglake, Flowerdale, Yea, Molesworth, Buxton, Marysville, Healesville and Back to Plenty.

9 Keen riders and a pillion passenger on a variety of bikes of all ages and sizes (with only 3 modern bikes do the ride, so the classics were well represented) headed off towards Kinglake Central (the Flying Tart is becoming a favourite among ride leaders) for Morning tea, and to collect a number of extra members planning to join up with us there.

The first part of our route was modified to suit (avoiding Yan Yean road construction works and the wet & slippery road conditions) the drizzle that had set in, so we took the roundabout way to Kinglake via Nutfield and Author’s Creek, Whittlesea and the flying Tart café for a warm up. Pulling into the carpark we spied the CMCCV’s top men’s Ian and Grahams nicely prepared BMW R90S’s, both looking good, even in the drizzle, Ian Bryant on his BMW K100 also joining us there.

After a rush for Coffee we headed off to Kinglake and Glenburn, a steady shower had replaced the drizzle, but, in true club spirit we pushed on with a positive attitude. Turning into Break of Day road, the clouds gave way to sunshine, roads dried and the pace picked up and riders settled in for a relaxed ride.

All enjoyed the rise in temperature and dry conditions as we headed to Yea, as a few chose to top up tanks Richard on his CX500 snuck into the queue, making it lucky 13 bikes for the ride.

Leaving Yea, we headed off to Molesworth, then taking the Whanregarwen road (Richard calls this the Grand Prix road, an app name) the roads good, with plenty of long sweepers giving the riders plenty of open road to spread out and set the riders own pace to suit bike and rider. This is 20 kilometres of road that must have been surely made by a motorcyclist, it was worth enduring the rain for this section of road.

Heading down Maroondah Highway, following the Goulburn and Avalon rivers through to Taggerty and on to Marysville, where we piled into the bakery for a warm lunch and a hot drink, Lunch gave us the opportunity to discuss how the ride was so far, and how much the day had changed since Kinglake and how good the ride and the roads had been.

Those needing Fuel topped up and the Card only Petrol pumps (No Cash here thank you) before we grouped up and prepared to head out to Narbethong, then to tackle the Black Spur, which is always good fun on motorbike, with plenty of tight corners and sweeping bends to keep you entertained and alert!

After Black Spur it was into Healesville and a final muster up, with farewells to those turning off and heading home from there, the remainder heading back to Plenty, a few peeling off along the way with a farewell wave. At Plenty we bid a final farewell to the remaining riders all agreeing that it was well worth it regardless of the morning weather.

What a day, with riders doing up to 240 km’s if you did all the stages Interesting weather, new and exciting roads, good conversation, what more is there do you want on a club ride.

Club Members attending;

Name                                              Bike                                    Year

Peter Andrews                              Honda CB750                   1974

Ian Snadden                                   BMW R90S                       1974

Graham Boulter                             BMW R90S                       1975

Phil Young                                       Suzuki GS1000S               1979

Gary Skerys                                     Triumph T140                  1979

Richard Sommerville                    Honda CX500                   1981

Ian Bryant                                       BMW K100                       1984

Graeme Wilson                              BMW K75S                       1985      (TEC)

John & Vicky Best                          BMW R80                         1986

Sam Panettieri                               Suzuki GSXR 750F            1989

Richard Haughton                         Kawasaki W800               2012      (Ride Leader)

Martyn Goodwin                           Honda NC750                   2015

Collin Sullivan                                 BMW R1200R                  2015



Peter Andrews