Ride Etiquette Reminder

As the peak riding season draws near and the days begin to get warmer I’d like to make a few things clear for the sake of the safety for all ride participants & to assist the growing number of ride leaders.

  1. The preferred place to join the ride is at the gazetted start location, this way ride participants hear the ride briefing & are buddied up.
  2. Should you choose to join the ride at an alternate location, i.e. morning tea stop, be aware that any estimated time previously provided may alter. Don’t get upset if the group arrives late. Make contact the ride leader so you are aware who is the TEC, to sign the ride sheet and receive an abbreviated ride briefing.
  3. Be aware that the ride leader may decide to cancel the ride on the day if conditions are deemed dangerous. This cancellation may occur as late as the ride briefing. Don’t glow red and blow smoke out your ears because no one called you and you have been left waiting at the morning tea location. The onus is on the ride participant to call the ride leader.
  4. Don’t chat between yourselves during a ride briefing, even though you have heard it all before there may be others around you who wish to listen.
  5. Never overtake a fellow rider on their Left Hand Side within a single lane
  6. If you wish to overtake a slower rider ensure there is ample room ahead so you can pull back in without causing CHAOS in the form of overly heaving braking.
  7. When marking a corner, NEVER leave your post until signalled to continue by the Tail End Charlie.

Sam Panettieri

Club Captain