SLOB Ride Report

Slow lap of Bellarine

Absolutely blown away, they were the first words Noel Wills spoke as he stood upon the backup trailer to address the gathering at the start of the ride.

A few weeks prior I rode to Geelong and met up with Noel and Andy and they took me around the route they had planned for the ride, this was to familiarize myself with the upcoming event.

As we were enjoying lunch in Queenscliff Noel asked, how many do you think we’ll get? probably the usual dozen or so and we may pick up half a dozen from Melbourne, so yeah I reckon if we get twenty we will be doing well, I replied.

Although the start was at Drysdale, the Ballarat riders met the Melbourne riders in the Fyansford hotel car park and we rode through Geelong together, as we turned into the parking area where ride was to begin I was absolutely astounded by the attendance.

There were many club members and their motorcycles that I had never seen before, and the number of old classics was very impressive.

As the day progress and I spoke with many unfamiliar faces and checked out their machines one comment I heard many times was that, we came today because it was advertised as a short slow ride.

It was also nice to see Peter Goss walking around the bikes during the lunch break and chatting with the members, he was very instrumental in the days of the Otway Rallies.

We would also like to thank Norm Wills for the use of his Land Rover and trailer for the backup vehicle, this was supplied free of charge and Paul Wills for giving his time to help out and drive it.

Andy, Noel and myself have spoken since the ride and it will be on again next year, starting in Drysdale, different route, same speed and distance but next year with a bit more fine tuning and we will be more prepared next time.