Southern Region Midweek Ride Report, 7th March

What a wonderful ride Ian Snadden gave us today . Eleven riders riding a mix of modern and classic Machines left the Seven Eleven at Rowville around 9am

Heading along Wellington Rd arriving at Cardinia reservoir .

Cardinia reservoir is man-made dam holding 287,00 ML of water and was constructed between May 1970 and being completed in 1973 at a cost of $11.4 million.

After a short stop we rode through the reservoir park and I remember thinking this would be a good  location for a picnic for the club.

I noticed a sign Stoney Creek Road on the way out as I do not know the area.

I am amazed at Ian’s knowledge of it.

We wound our way in and out ,up and down lots of yellow signs with squiggly black lines and other yellow signs with arrows with low numbers like 20 and 25 with ever changing scenery.

Cattle in the paddocks and orchards with endless netting to keep out the birds with all the smells to accompany the beautiful scenery.

Eventually arriving at Pakenham onto the Healesville, Koo Wee Rup road.  Heading north then right onto the Gembrook road for our morning tea stop where the advance party of

John & Vicki, Scott and Gary were waiting.  After a great morning teas we left Gembrook on the Launching Place road cutting across to the Yarra Junction, Noojee road and Tarrango rd to Warburton Highway.

Then onto the Old Warburton road to Warburton through to Mt Donna Buang for our lunch at the top of the mountain on the way stopping  at the Rain forest Gallery .

After lunch we rode back down the mountain returning via Warburton on the Warburton road to the Yellingbo  turnoff where Arthur and myself left the ride and returned home via Healesville and Christmas Hills.

It was a fabulous day riding, with thanks to Ian and tail end Tom




Rider Bike Year
Ian Snadden BMW 1995 Ride leader
Rob Mullins BMW 1972
Arthur Hampson Triumph 2016
Graham Boulter Triumph 2022
Brian Boulton Kawasaki 2002
Paul Clayton Honda 2014
Brian Shelton BMW 2017
Peter Mathews BMW 1974
Tom Thursfield Canam 2018  TEC
David & Mez McLennan Triumph 2016
Brian Mapleback BMW 1986
John & Vicki Best Suzuki 2021
Scott Oldfield BMW 1975
Gary Moore BMW 2001