Sunday Run, 24 March 2019

Up early after spending the previous day hot rodding with my son but excited about the day ahead. I set off through Warrandyte along Jumping Creek Rd,Bushy Park Rd and to the start point at Churnside Park. Beautiful morning and I’m really looking forward to today’s ride being my first time riding to Baw Baw.  I got there on my VFR at 7.30 am after  getting fuel and a coffee and was followed by the arrival of four BMW’s.  I very politely rejected an offer from Graham to write BMW on my tank so that I wouldn’t feel left out!   Once all 12 riders were there, Colin gave us the days briefing and we were off.  What a great feeling , leaving the car Park with a group of your mates and with the sound of John Lennon’s Imagine playing in your ears.
The route took us up through Lilydale,(R) onto the Wharburton Hwy and onto Yarra Junction. Perfect weather, the air was crisp and the sun was shining.  From Yarra Junction we rode via Noojee Rd across to Nayook arriving at Neerum Junction for a pit stop.  We experienced a Kodak moment as we travelled through Neerum Nth when a wombat joined the lead rider for a short distance on the side of the road.  We arrived at Noojee just after 10 am for morning tea and were joined by Conner and Kay on their lovely old Indians.   Colin then led the way at a very sensible speed the 54 kms to the top of Mt Baw Baw.  What a great ride. After a short stay at the top we commenced the ride down the mountain. I was fortunate enough to ride behind Connor on his Indian. Theses bikes have a great sound and it was lovely to watch him ride – very skillful. Thanks Connor.  Cruising down the mountain,the freedom,the air,the scenery, all to the classical piece of Rachmaninoff’s Piano Concerto No 2. Fantastic experience.
We arrived back at the Little Red Duck cafe in Noojee around 1pm where we enjoyed a nice meal together and one another’s company.  After lunch we continued to ride together until we reached Woori Yallock where the group dispersed.
                   Thanks Colin —Superb day

Mt Baw Baw Ride. Sunday 24 th March Participants List

Rider Bike Year
ColinSullivan  (RL) BMW R 1200R 2009
Robert Mullins BMW S1000R 2014
Russell McGhie BMW R100 1981
Peter Hansen Triumph Street Twin 2017
Ian Snadden BMW R 1100GS 1995
Brian Boulton Kawasaki’s 1200 2002
Graham Boulter BMW 1200 GS 2011
Sam Panettieri (TEC Suzuki VX 800 1990
Paul Clayton Honda VFR 800 2014
Laurie John Yamaha FJR 1300 2003
Murray Courtis Honda CB 750 1973
Mark Hinc BMW R1200RT 2006
Connor Indian Scout 1945
Kay Indian Scout 1935