The Buddy System

The Buddy  System rev 1.0

As most members are aware of an incident that has occurred with another club on a ride which involved a rider running off the road whilst out of sight of other riders. Unfortunately, it was quite some distance before the ride stopped for a break and the discovery of a missing rider was made. The committee, acting in the best interest of all club members, has decided to introduce a method which will allow the ride leader to become aware of a possible problem much sooner.

Ride Leader (RL) – is the person who is in the front of the group, ‘leading’ the ride. The RL knows the route of the ride and sets the ride pace. No rider should pass the RL. Most often the RL will wear a distinctive vest.
Tail end Charlie (TEC) – is always at the rear of the group, can sometimes be in a car. Most often the TEC will also wear a distinctive vest.
Buddy  – A rider that you have been asked to keep an eye on and ensure that you spot every time there is a re-grouping at various points along the club ride.

What the Ride Leader should do
1. At the ride briefing, before starting the ride, the RL will formally pair up riders, each pair are Buddies.

  1. Briefly explain the responsibility of each rider to their Buddy and what to do if they can’t spot their buddy.

During the course of the ride if you are made aware of a possible missing rider you should pause the ride and ensure there is a missing rider. If this is the case then double back as a group to look for the missing rider.

What the Buddy should do

You are responsible to ensure you spot your buddy every time the ride stops to re-group, to have morning tea or lunch. Your buddy is also keeping an eye out for you.

If you do not spot your Buddy then alert the RL as quickly as possible in order to pause the ride and double check your buddy is missing. If the ride leader has already departed then advise the TEC, in order to pause the ride. The TEC should then ask you or another rider to go on and catch up with the RL to advise of the problem. As time may be critical, the TEC and remaining riders should then backtrack to the last known position of the missing rider, searching as they go.

Sam Panettieri
Club Captain