The Captains Trophy – Amended Points System

The captains trophy has been around for many years in its current form. The committee has agreed to change the way points are allocated to members based on their participation. We want to encourage more members to participate in leading rides, being Tail End Charlie & writing ride reports by rewarding their efforts. To this end we will allocate points based on level of participation.

Current method
One point is allocated to any member riding a motor cycle that is eligible for CPS on a mid-week or Sunday ride.

Points are only allocated on Mid-week or Sunday rides, rally rides are not considered

New method
Hopefully this new scoring system will encourage more member participation. Not only will they be awarded a trophy but the winner will also receive one year of free entries to all rallies held the following year.

Points Allocation Table

Description Points Allocated
Member listed as riding a CPS eligible motor-cycle on the contacts sheet, any Midweek, Sunday club ride or Rally day ride. 1
Member listed as Lead Rider on the contacts sheet, may ride on any road registered motor-cycle 1
Member listed as Tail End Charlie on the contacts sheet, may ride on any road registered motor-cycle 1
Member listed as Report Writer on the contacts sheet 1
Back Up Trailer on Rallies, each ride day 1


Points are accumulative, this means if you are a member riding a CPS eligible bike and you are designated Lead Rider then you are awarded TWO points.


Members that participate on multiple club rides over the course of the rally will be awarded points based on their level of participation based on the points allocation table above. Proof of their participation is solely based on information entered on the ride contacts sheet for each day of the rally.

No additional points shall be awarded to marshals, sheriffs or water boys.

The Club Captains count is solely based on information collected from emergency contact sheet which is included in each ride report published in Sprocket. It is the members responsibility to ensure their information and level of participation has been entered correctly on the contact sheet.

Sam Panettieri
Club Captain