Vale – Norman “Possum” Suhan

20/12/1931 – 16/8/2018


At 16 years old Possum left the family farm, hitch hiked to Mackay Queensland and went cane cutting. He saved up and bought an Ariel Red Hunter 500 cc, 2 days after his birthday he rode out of town about 30 miles and called into a little police station, Possum said “I’m here to get my licence”. “How old are you?” “18”, “How did you get here?” “I rode my bike”. “Well if you can get here in one piece I’ll give you your licence”. That bike is still in Possums name.

Possum’s Ariel has done thousands of miles, 4 times to Mackay and back to Victoria. 10 times to Mildura and back to The Sisters, his home address. Yes that’s correct, ten Km’s north of Terang Vic. He rode it to Perth back when the road was gravel, no petrol stations or camping grounds, Possum carried petrol and slept in the desert. Water was carried in bags tied to his saddlebags.

He went on many Classic Club Rallies and rode the Ariel most times, he also rode his BSA with the chair. Possum was always the centre of fun, he liked a beer, he loved a chat and enjoyed talking with everyone, he was a farmer through and through. His other bike was his Honda Goldwing trike, which he clocked up over 60,000 Km’s on. The old Ariel has done more than that, Possum didn’t know how many, but I can assure you it would go to Mackay and back no problems.

Possum will be sadly missed by his family, friends and motorcycling mates throughout the state.  Possum was a life member of the Premier Speedway Club, and a long-time member of the Warrnambool Motorcycle Club. Possum was farewelled by a large crowd attending a service at The Sisters Hall, and later at The Terang Cemetery.

His family will use his bikes in future rallies and displays.

Ian Wallace