Vice President’s Message – October 2018

President Ian has asked me to write the President’s (Vice President’s) message this month, just to give a different perspective on things, so here goes.

I am pleased to inform you that, with the blessing of Ian and Jan Kennedy’s children, we have named the upcoming Maffra Rally, the Maffra Kennedy Memorial Rally 2019. The rally is to be held 29th to 31st March. Planning details for this rally are well advanced and in this issue of Sprocket you will find accommodation details. I invite members to participate in this rally to commemorate club life members Ian and Jan, who of course organised many great Gippsland Classic Rallies.

Speaking of rallies, if any member has in mind a suitable place for the club to hold a rally then please contact a committee member. In particular, this applies to our country members who have local knowledge of good rides, places of interest etc. in their area that us city folk are unaware of.

Have you checked out the club website lately? Steve Inman has recently taken over the reins from yours truly and is doing a fantastic job. The site is regularly updated and if you are after the latest club news, ride reports and so on, go to In fact, why not make it your ‘home’ page?

Some of you are aware that I was in outback NSW and Queensland recently. What you may not know is how devastated by drought this huge area is. It is not only farmers that are reeling but the ‘knock down’ effect means that service providers, shopkeepers, in fact everyone is affected. If you are able, please donate to a registered charity such as Aussie Helpers, Rural Aid, Buy a Bale or Drought Angels. Better still why not visit and spend some time and money in the area? It may be dry, but there is still plenty to see and do in the outback. By the way, I came across member Tom Thursfield in the outback town of Bourke. I don’t know about you but I find it weird how one can come across a friend 1000kms from home.

Finally, now that Winter is over and Spring has sprung, why not get that classic bike out of the shed and join your fellow members on a club ride and live your life to the fullest.

ride em, don’ hide em

Graham Boulter, Vice President CMCCV.