Message from the President

All Club events remain cancelled until further notice - UPDATE

Well here we go again, another lockdown and such profound uncertainty for us all.

At the time of the March lockdown most of us, I’m sure, embraced the situation with the belief that a little inconvenience was necessary to get us through the worst of the pandemic and the almost novelty of having time to catch up on long overdue workshop & home projects was a welcome distraction to get us through.

The current lockdown to me at least seems a lot more daunting a prospect than the first time round as we now have heightened fears as to how long it is going to take to get on top of this pandemic.  As hard as it is to remain optimistic, we all know what we have to do to play our part during this current lockdown, but it seems like it’s going to be a long haul before we emerge from the other side of this pandemic.

Obviously, all Club events remain cancelled until further notice.

Keep safe and well and please heed the current lockdown Government directives.

Ian Snadden
14th July 2020


PLEASE NOTE: To join CMCCV, all applicants are now requested to attend at least one Club function (be it a General Meeting or a Club Ride) BEFORE their written and signed application will be considered by the committee. Thereafter, all applications to join will be considered at the next available Committee Meeting, NO EXCEPTIONS. After which the applicant will be notified in writing as to the outcome.

It is now the policy of this Club that all financial members will be a member for no less than six (6) months when applying to put a motorcycle on the Club Permit Scheme (CPS) through this Club.

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