Resumption of Club Rides

Message from the President
23rd November 2020

Congratulations to all fellow Victorians for their commitment to following the COVID restrictions during the lockdown.
As Dan has said though, the days of no active cases that we have enjoyed thus far are not a substitute for a vaccine. Complacency with our new-found freedom could very easily see us back into lockdown for Christmas and beyond if C19 cases re-emerge. You only need to look at what has occurred in Europe etc.
Following Premier Dan’s announcement yesterday 23rd November allowing up to 50 people to gather in a public place, it is now allowable to recommence Club rides.
Your Club has three Melbourne Rides planned in anticipation of today’s announcement, beginning with a Southern mid-week ride on Tuesday 1st December, a Sunday Ride 13th December and a Northern mid-week ride on Tuesday 15th December.
Please refer to the ride details below.

Club rides will be run strictly along the following lines for December only and will be reviewed in 2021: -

  • Morning tea and lunch stops will be held in a public open space with no access to purchasing food / drinks on location.
    This means self-catering – bring your own food and drink with you or purchase your day’s supplies at the departure point service station.
  • All DHHS COVID requirements (social distancing / mask wearing etc, must be strictly adhered to)
  • It would be advisable to bring your own hand sanitiser for use after refuelling, and before eating.

Attending a Club ride while strictly adhering to DHHS covid requirements plus the precautions above should enable members to attend safely. However, if you feel that attending a Club ride may put you or your family at potential risk, then it is your decision to not attend.

Club General meetings
Social distancing requirements at present make it unlikely that we can resume meetings this year, and the council has temporarily closed the Deepdene meeting rooms. I know the meetings are valued by many of you.
You will be advised by eNews once it is allowable to hold General Meetings again.
Until then, keep up the good work and let’s keep those daily numbers to 00.

Please note: Geelong members have already resumed their Club rides in strict accordance with covid regulations.
Ian Snadden

Ride details: -

  • Southern Mid-week Ride

Tuesday 1st December
Departure Point:  BP Officer outbound

  • 8.30am for a 9.00am departure

Ride leader: Mike Walker 0447 503 128

  • Sunday Ride

Sunday 13th December
Departure Point: Chirnside Park

  • 8.30am for a 9.00am departure

Ride leader: Graham Boulter 0407 769 295

  • Northern Mid-week Ride

Tuesday 15th December
Departure Point: Greensborough

  • 8.30am for a 9.00am departure

Ride leader: Wally Walsh 0420 926 316

Full ride details will be available on the Clubs Website ride calendar before each above event date.

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